Shank Review -

BeefJack: "Soon, fatigue begins to creep in. The difficulty curve is achieved simply by spacing checkpoints increasingly farther apart (indeed, on Hard mode, checkpoints are eschewed altogether) and introducing enemies who simply block more. And rockets. Lots of rocket spam. There’s a distinct feeling that Shank could be doing a little more, that the bosses’ fixed-room locations and predictable patterns could have been more original, and that you’re not sure if you’re meant to be taking the game seriously."

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riksweeney2970d ago

I still haven't played the demo yet even though it's sitting on my PS3, but based upon the reviews it's getting I might just delete it without bothering.

DarkTower8052970d ago

Play the demo and come to your own conclusions. I thought it was decent. Maybe not worth $15, but I wouldn't rule out a future purchase, maybe when it goes on sale.

Xx Ziyad xX2970d ago

dont buy it trust me its FLOP

2970d ago