Gamasutra Interview: Epic's Capps On Bringing Hardcore Flavor To iOS

Epic Games is best known as the hardcore developer behind games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, but in formally moving its popular Unreal Engine 3 to Apple's iOS devices, the studio hopes to bring hardcore flavor to iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The developer on Wednesday was front and center at Apple's latest media event, showing off a sharp-looking UE3 demo dubbed Epic Citadel (available free) on an iPhone. Also on hand was Epic subsidiary and Shadow Complex developer Chair Entertainment, which revealed Project Sword, an iOS action adventure RPG that uses UE3.

The projects could be the beginning of a significant change at Epic. Here, studio president Mike Capps talks about how porting large games to an Apple iOS device can be done, gives details on licensing plans, and why "It would not be smart for us to try to get in and compete with the Bejeweleds and Angry Birds of the world on the iPhone."

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