MS: Kinect launch line-up lacks adult content but will satisfy the core

You looked at Kinect Adventures and put it in your casual box. You were wrong, buddy. Kudo says so.

Kinect creative boss Kudo Tsunoda has told VG247 that Kinect’s launch line-up contains the right “skill-based gameplay” to satisfy core players, despite the fact it features no mature content.

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Rainstorm813057d ago

I consider myself to be a core gamer and not one game that i've seen for kinect has caught my interest...

To me it looks like we're in store for a bunch of casual crap and on rail games, by far not the ideal genres for the core audience

Cevapi883057d ago

sometimes i ask myself how these men have such successful positions in the corporate world when they pull this kind of crap out of their ass

Biggest3057d ago

This is just their way of changing definitions on the fly. They did it with exclusive meaning on PC/360 (and later on PS3).

WildArmed3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

For a second I thought the article headline was mistyped.. so I clicked the link and read it..
I was looking for the word casual instead of core.
but apparently, he did say core D:

Btw, I'm glad MS didnt force Kinect on Halo/Gears/Fable-- (which was announced to have support, but scrapped).
I'm really psyched for Gears 3 atm xD
Then Fable 3 (coz I'mma big fable lost chapters fan! ^^ )

Rainstorm813057d ago

By that logic Kinect will be an outstanding success

big_silky3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )


And Move will shift 10 million day one then, I'm guessing because the only fanboys I see are of the PS3 persuasion. It could be an article about the weather outside and somehow they'd bring up the 360. They're obsessed.

Rainstorm813057d ago

well it happens both ways, ive seen countless ps3 articles where the 360 is brought up "for teh salez" one fanboy is worse than another....when you think without logic nothing good will come of it.

Fanboys will be fanboys....

BTW not many PS3 games or devices move millions on day one....

tinybigman3057d ago

there is not one game that you've shown for kinect that i consider a core game.

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btk3058d ago

Depends on what they refer to as "core". As far as I know XB360 core gamers are for titles like:
- Halo
- GeOW
- Forza
- and many more fps / tps / action shooting games

Have not yet noticed kiddie games do well on XB360 so far. Which might be why it could get some attention from XB360 adult gamers who have kids. But the "core" gamer swapping Halo Reach for Dancing and lame laggy sports titles?

Face it - XB360 gamers / fans, like PS3 gamers / fans enjoy the fact that both consoles have good solid controllers, good graphics - and generally are not that much into kiddie games. Most of the kiddie games my kids played on PS3 is the PS2 Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and then some Lego Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman etc. But most games available for both XB360 / PS3 comes with age restrictions. The kiddie market belongs to the Wii. If the XB360 can not get the kiddie market from the Wii - then Kinect it is dead in the water.

Cueil3057d ago

if I'm not mistaken the Lego games did really well as did the Marvel action rpgs

Myst3057d ago

I like how they have the title then showcase Sonic. Not really a good combination to go with at least not the image as we all know how that hedgehog was over the last few years. New ones look promising I suppose.


Checked each game out, looked at some game play feed and certainly wouldn't satisfy myself personally. If I may call myself a core gamer at the most. Then again these are just launch titles up the bar with a solid title and hopefully others will follow so long as the core buy it.

rekof3057d ago

maybe if they make it vibrate,.. and pot a flesh hole instead of a camera in it,..

DlocDaBudSmoka3057d ago

i mean kids and teens dont have money to just spend on a game, and if they do they got it from their parents most likely.

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