CoD: Black Ops Hands-On Multiplayer Preview

Computer and Video Games' Andy Robinson reports on Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer in LA.

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2971d ago
Honest_gamer2971d ago

Game looks good not sure if I should get it for my PS3 or my Xbox 360 the ps3 I like to play on HOWEVER there is so many “hackers” and boosters that the top 10/20 thousand is cheaters on the leader boards and it’s the same with the 360 however there is not as much boosters but way more “hackers” or at least in the games I have played anyway (p.s hackers is in “” because the people who say they are hackers are not hackers they just get some code from the internet......if they invented that code then they can be hackers but they did not) at above.....F*UCK OF (above is aoomall1)

jdktech20102971d ago

Well, Treyarch says they have a way to prevent hacking and modding and control it if it does happen and they say Black Ops will not suffer from modding problems. I'm not sure if I fully believe them, but that's what they say. I prefer the XBOX 360 mainly because of the integration of the features of Live but PSN is just fine. Just kinda depends if you have Reach or another game on Live...just this one game isn't worth subscribing to gold imo

Honest_gamer2971d ago

yeh my gold has not been renewed in 2 months just not had any reason to renew it if i want to play online i use the ps3 not my games but my little brothers (he also has a ps3) because well lately there is just not any reasons to renew it i don’t see how £40 justifies playing online FOR ME (i don’t use voice chat or anything else and I rarely play with friends because they never shut up with all their ohh I pwned you, you a noob, so suck a d1ck ect lol I prefer to play a game with my music on and nothing else music is from the pc)

jdktech20102971d ago

yea if XBOX didn't have Reach and Gears, I wouldn't have Live but they do and I like Live a bit better so I just buy all multiplats on 360 since I've got live anyway for Halo

saoco2971d ago

i love COD but... it looks no different, there are still going to be campers, noob tubers, rpg users, a whole lot of boosters, and the worse thing is that they havent mention anything about fixing or punishing the cheaters and boosters that's what i really wanna hear...yea the game modes sound interesting but if they cant fix those problems, whatever they add wont really make a difference...

auen12971d ago

after the first modern warfare, the sequel's multi-player got boring quickly. luckily, this time around they are making dramatic enough changes that i think it will keep me playing for longer.