Half-Life 3 and Valve’s other “big surprises”

Valve has “three pretty big surprises” in store for gamers in the next year. But what aren’t they?

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2late2969d ago

This guy who wrote the article is clueless and I've seen better predictions from gypsies

Quagmire2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Best thing my mother ever taught me was to never trust a gypsy, that and always wear protection...

On Topic: Gabe's announcement of L4D 1 and 2 on a single BD disc would be nice, along with the announcement of Half Life 3

jaosobno2969d ago

If they announce that, I'm preordering immediately.

I'm still refusing to play L4D2 on my PC hoping it would come to PS3.

0mega42969d ago

valve has already stated there bring a console steam like service to ps3 because its open and does not cost money to play online much like the current steam

additionally your other guess are as good as mine

but i expect them to make l4d completely multiplat to reach a larger market and increase profit

Eamon2969d ago

ROFLMAO at 2late.

Steam 2 <-- wtf is this?

Also, Half-Life 3 can't come out before Episode 3 is out.

Maybe the only thing not clueless about his article is Source 2.

OpenGL2969d ago

There's not going to be any Source 2 for awhile, as Valve has recently updated the Source engine with Alien Swarm. Portal 2 will also be using this updated version that shows off a lot of dynamic lighting and shadows.

BrianB2969d ago

im hoping it will be a console exlusive for the 360

karl2969d ago

why would u hope that?

u dont like us ps3 gamers to play the same awesome games?

BrianB2969d ago

i just don't think you deserve great games, if your not gonna buy them

Cheeseknight282968d ago

1) Half-Life Episode 3, or just Half-Life 3
2) DotA (
3) Left 4 Dead on PS3.


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il-mouzer2969d ago

I'm actually inclined to approve this, just for the laughs :P

Spider0502969d ago

1)Half Life 3 with new Source engine 2
2)Episode 3
3)Left 4 Dead goes on PS3

jakethesnake2969d ago

Half Life 3 and Episode 3?

If you are willing to put some money to match those words I would take you up on that bet!

Chris_TC2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Their last surprise was Portal 2 for PS3.
If you're really holding your breath for Episode 3 or even Half-Life 3 I'm pretty sure you'll suffocate quickly.

I don't even listen to their announcements of "surprises" anymore cause I'll just end up being let down.

NonShalant2969d ago

Didnt Gabe said Steam was coming to the PS3? Or did the article writer mean Steam selling games

Charmers2969d ago

Steam is NOT coming to the PS3 what is coming to the PS3 is "steamworks" which is a collection of API's that allow for things like cloud saves, multiplayer and automatic updates. Steam and steam works are two different things I wish people would realise this.

Roozium2969d ago

New Source engine
Half-life 3
DotA game

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