NEW Call of Duty: Black Ops Team Deathmatch Gameplay Videos

Team Deathmatch Footage Taken At The Reveal Launch

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Troll_Police2995d ago

I think that RC car with C4 strapped to it should be a higher killstreak than a 3 killstreak reward. Those cars will be all over the map.

galgor2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Agreed. I reckon it should be 5 kills. I do like the way the K/D ratio comes up at the end though!

ddurand12995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I disagree. I think that with an explosive attached that theyll be easy to shoot and avoid.

Killstreaks are also not stackable so its kind of useless because theres a good chacne youll die when you use it. Especially if you drive around for extended periods of time like in teh first video.

0mega42995d ago

ok just because you could shoot the dogs were they easy to avoid.

and think about the repercussion of having this as such a low killstreak for a more tactical game like search&destroy

if for say a team went instead of uav which i presume is another 3 killstreak again went cameras which take up your minimap and rc cars

they wouldnt even have to move they could just scout you with the cars and pick off a couple unsuspecting people

i think as far as cod returning to its roots will never happen the game has become a mainstream and much more casual game than ever before which may not be bad for some

therealwillie2995d ago


in one of the videos you can hear someone else controlling a car, seems like quite a distance too, i wouldn't worry too much, if your anyways decent you'll hear it a mile off and avoid it or destroy it but yeah, i don't think it should be 3, 4 or 5 maybe

S_C2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I think the multiplayer is looking alot more promising than MW2 at this stage before it came out (excluding the hype that surrounded that shit game).

Microsoft_Spokesman2995d ago

He kept repeating RC-XD inbound with with title card appearing in the top corner. It will probably get annoying quickly.

maverick11912995d ago

looks promising although the rc car cam was choppy but im assuming thats the lag but yeh looks good

irishninja2995d ago

that rc looks hard to control it also goes under the map when going up the hill

maverick11912995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

thats what im on about but i thought it was lag im sure it will get sorted out before release

i just hope for the love of god there is no infinite money glitch/hack like the prestige hack on MW2 as soon as i heard of the currency system for black ops i instantly thought of people hacking it

ddurand12995d ago

it didnt go under the map, the view changed quickly.

PS360PCROCKS2995d ago

yes it did, watch it again.

DirtyLary2995d ago

Great map clipping already in the game.

Glitchers are drolling.

ddurand12995d ago

it was a quick camera change. the car didnt go under the map.

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The story is too old to be commented.