Inafune: Japanese devs won't admit there's a problem

Japanese developers are still in denial about the state of their nation's industry Keiji Inafune, head of R&D at Capcom has told

"I feel that many people in the industry are still living the glory of the '80s and '90s, so they don't admit that there is a problem to start with. However, looking at the domestic market, it's shrunk. Therefore it's really important that we realise that we're behind the Western market now, get humble and start learning what's going on. Otherwise the Japanese market is going to disappear completely," he said.

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Kain813828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

you are part of the problem, what wrong with oldstyle JRPGs or Japanese games, i love them, i want them...RE5 was a BIG disappointment, it was not a oldstyle RE, it was like it has lost its touch...

you care for sales, than why on earth you (CAPCOM) bring Monster hunter for Wii and 360, but not for PS3, where you find the FANBASE in the first place.

Bobbykotickrulesz3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

No way in hell can you make an old RPG like from the PS1 days for the PS3 now.

The overall system of the game itself is just way too outdated and retarded. You can't, and I mean can not take Grandia's battle system and put it into a game literally unchanged and expect gamers to be impressed. Times have changed and the old outdated play styles need to be updated and revamped.

Take FF13 for instance. That game fucking sucked. But the battle system was excellent and in my opinion the single best turn based battle system I'd ever used.

Kareshi_X3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Any type of RPG's that would play exactly like the old 90s games would be received badly by the populus unless they tweak a few things up like Lost odyssey and Tales of vesperia,Symphonia2.

TotalPS3Fanboy3828d ago

because it changed itself from what an old RPG from the PS1 days is like.

No towns. No world map. No NPCs. To exploration in dungeons. Linear all the way.

Go back to how it was in the PS1 days and it'll sell millions. Just take a look at Dragon Quest 9.

kratos1233828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

man you trully havent played a ff before this 1 if you did then you wouldnt ever have called the battle system in ff 13 the best it trully is the most boring easiest system ever damn i really dislike ff13 i hope we will just forget about it someday

edhe3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Vinyl! Vinyl!!!

darkdoom30003828d ago

I wan't more active time battle systems. (FF4-9) I miss thoes. :(

TotalPS3Fanboy3828d ago

The problem is that they're still in the era of PS2 graphics. The reason their games are failing is because the graphics sucks.

The Japanese doens't know that shaders exist. They don't know that since the PS2 era, technologies in the graphics department have advanced so much. It's time to learn. Bump mapping. Shaders. Normal maps. Defuse maps. Etc.

Just look at Tekken 6. Worst graphics ever. Namco used to be the king of graphics. What happened Namco? Do you think westernizing Tekken 6 will solve the problem? That's not even the problme. The problem is the fucking graphics!

Aleusia3828d ago Show
TotalPS3Fanboy3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

The bubble system is base on one's self. The difference between our bubbles is the difference between how we treat other gamers.

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Natsu X FairyTail3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )


Even if RE5 was different from the old games it was still a Good title. You cant Expect a dev to Innovate with Every Single title they release. RE4 for example was a great innovation for the RE games and It's viewed as the Best game in the Series. As for RE5 The MTframeWork2.0 Tech in the game was Amazing and Most people Enjoyed the game for the good action. When they'll be ready to make the next game they just have to Focus on making the game Less focused on the Action and more on survival horror.

Monster Hunter on the Xbox360 wasnt a a big deal. It's a port of a 2007 game that wasnt even good. It was obviously a move from Microsoft to bring a little bit more Japanese fans to buy their console by doing so. t's never coming out of japan because american gamers wouldnt buy it at all. I highly doubt that PS3 owners would want to play that MonsterHunter 2007 PC port game aswell. Which Explain why the game dint see a PS3 release.

There's a Hugh Monster Hunter Fanbase on the Wii since most of the owners in japan own a PS3s aswell. If capcom chose to make a a real Monster Hunter Sequel It'll be on Both PS3 , Xbox360 and PC. I think most of the people like you are mad because the series Isnt EXLCUSIVE to sony anymore.

I agree with Inafune on a Certain Level. Japanese games never really push boundaries unless they're from a Big Studio. button mashers like Dynasty warrior are very popular over there even though those games are boring and dull. there's reharsh of the same games over and over again with little innovation. Look at the sengoku Basara games / Dynasty Warriors. Sengoku Basara 3 , Gundam Dynasty warrior , Hakuto no Ken , NinetyNineNights . Its the same game every year with different skin.

but on the other hand you have the Great japanese devs like PLATINUM that always come out with Great Games like Bayonetta , Mad world , Vanquish.

THE MAX SPEED 213828d ago

Very true on alot of points.

rezzah3828d ago

Not mad at the point that MH isn't exclusive, but...the fact that we have yet to have a true MH sequel (like Tri for the Wii, not a port like the 360) on the PS3.

It was promised to us for months, everyone (the MH fans) were completely excited because we could finally see and play one of our favorite games in HD. Capcom then changed their mind and completly move the true sequel onto the Wii exclusively. Felt like they abandoned us, a PSP upgrade (MHFU) is not what we wanted.

Its not that we dont have a exclusive MH on the PS3, its that Capcom abandoned their fanbase. Im glad they got a new audience through the Wii, but I just want to play using the DS3 just like the old days with the DS for the PS2.

MaideninBlack3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Continue milking Street Fighter and Resident Evil, bothching up Devil May Cry, until you admit there's a problem. How well did Lost Planet 2 do again?

Oh yeah! It failed!

Edward-Kraken3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Capcom - wasting time and money on Bionic Commando 1 & 2 and Dark Void (DV2 is also in the works if I'm not mistaken -__-), not making MMX9, MML3, Onimusha 5 and HD Monster Hunter for PS3.
SE - releasing mediocre titles such as Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery and Nier. Changing Front Mission's gameplay. Not making KH3 and still making KH spinoffs, never realizing that fans from the very beginning are growing older and older every minute. Making FF13 multiplat, Versus' team helped them finished the two versions thus delaying both FFXIII AND Versus release dates.
Namco Bandai - not releasing some titles stateside.

THE MAX SPEED 213828d ago

That's the problem. Japanese games are used to buying Milked products to the MAX.

midgard2293828d ago

yeah and americans (us) arent used to buying a madden every single year, or an nba, or a need for speed, or a COD, or a halo game........riiiiiiight

THE MAX SPEED 213828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I know god damn well about that BUT this isnt about americans. it's about japaneses. When the time will come to talk about american games trailing behind and not doing anything new. I'll bring that up.

midgard2293828d ago

um thats already happened, just everyone likes shooting. i mean, madden has been the same like for ever. cod has been the same, as os halo. ontop of that they just add guns to any genre and call it a day.

sure they are fun, but its not new. how many war games are there already? need more games like oblivion, or why is god of war the only good action game thats not japanese?

to me western games have been on the decline since year 3 of this gen. and what do we get? more and more shooters. i mean there are a few unique gems like LBP2 but still, dang....shoot shoot shoot

midgard2293828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

except the part about making KH spin offs, birth by sleep is awesome lol.

and nomura which is the creator is KH is making FFv13 sooo u can see a conflict if he made an HD KH on ps3 at the same time

midgard2293828d ago

the problem is freakin westerners keep askin for western games from an eastern country....WTF? thats messing up their judgement when they make games no, look at nier, wtf! 2 different characters?

honestly I think what most westerners think that japanese's problem is they dont make enough shooters. because westerners have added guns to every genres. while they are fun (mass effect, borderlands) it doesn't mean everything should have shooting, gangs and pimp my ride mobiles.

japanese games are fun for the reason they have always been fun. without them we wouldnt even have a good fighting game, rpg, or action game besides god of war.

so people need to stfu

Kareshi_X3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Why beside god? because god of war was so different than other hack and slash like ninja gaiden and devil may cry right?

Ravenor3828d ago

Gee, you know an awful lot about the west. Should I generalize the hell out of Asia? No one in here said the Japanese have to develop shooters, what the Japanese have to develop is games that are INTERESTING and they haven't done that for some time now. Story and Characters are usually flat and boring, the VO is ear piercingly bad, hell the writing in FF13 was atrocious; Who wants to hear hero repeated over and over again?

I also love how "good rpg" only come from Japan, yeah been lots of evidence of that over the past few years.

midgard2293828d ago

wait wait.....hold on. sooo um... uhhh the marine cut soldier who almost never speaks in starwars forced unleashed, resistance, red faction, (infamous tho cole is cool) and every other western game isn't cookie cutter either?

u obviously missed games like valkyria, crisis core, and valkyrie profile, xenosaga games, muramasa etc.

not all jrpgs fall into the cliche....heck there isnt even enough jrpgs out in the first place. and ff13 wasnt even that bad, atleast they actually wrote a script.

heavy rain is a good example of actual good story. but to say anygame whats so ever besides mass effect has a good story in a western game is ridiculous. name more than 10 lol. i'll start the list for you
1:heavy rain
2:uncharted (series)
3:mass effect (series)
4:god of war (series)
5:Dark siders wasnt that bad story wise

good luck witht he rest....which is sad because this gen is over 5 yrs old and its hard to make a list

and oh god asia has its problems too but come on, people not buying heavenly sword because its a girl??? ive witnessed so many stupid morons while working at game crazy for 2.5 years, i see the gamers u dont see.

i'd rather keep western games for shooters and japanese games for action, fighting, and rpgs. but now every one is making shooters *sigh

SkyGamer3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Your comments scream ps3 fanboy. The only reason why you included ME is because the second one is coming out on ps3. All games you mention are ps3 this or ps3 that. You don't even mention Lost Odyssey and here you are screaming for more traditional eastern games and you don't even mention LO. Try games on other systems and you will find that there are more of a variety. I'm thinking about picking up a Wii again for Metroid Other M. I have 3 gaming caliber pc's, 5 laptops and a launch date ps3, won't ever update it though past a certain fw. I have a psp w/16gb and a ds with 16 gb. I have plenty of options because I am not limited to one console.
2 things, you have to bring innovation, especially when your competition does and change is inevitable. You are just used to sony dominating last gen and can't get over the fact that this gen is more spread out. Sure I like the 80's but time goes on and stuff changes. Cest la vie.

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