The 5 Games That Make Up Vanquish

With the Vanquish demo finally available to download on both PS3 and 360, it's high time to examine this revolutionary shooter's DNA. So here are the five games that make up Platinum's astonishing Vanquish.

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frjoethesecond3828d ago

So not gears and bayonetta then.

Drycell043828d ago

"kill.switch is often credited as the game which influenced Gears Of War, so by proxy, it has influenced Vanquish and its rapid cover-to-cover mentalness."

DigitalAnalog3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

As expected, Mikami did not disappoint. It felt nothing like Gears of War and more reminiscent with his other franchise known as "Biohazard 4", you know... one of the games that was the INSPIRATION of GeOW as stated by Cliffy B himself. Not to mentioned it was the game that re-defined TPS before GeOW came into the market.

What was disappointing was the noticeable aliasing in the game, considering (according to Eurogamer) that Sony has included the MLAA in the PS3 SDK, I really hope the final code would take advantage of it like GG, SP and MM are using in their upcoming titles.

-End statement

Double Toasted3828d ago

Calm down son, there's no such thing as a Gears killer, ha.

outrageous3828d ago

Killswitch? you ( I have ) played Killswitch? Have you played Gears? again, you haven't because Vanquish TRIES to rip off, not only the control scheme and movements but even the dialog and fails miserably.

Comparing the Gears Of War franchise and a game like Killswitch is apples and oranges. They are TPS's and do have a cover system that have similarities in terms of shooting/looking from cover but thats where it ends. Gears has redefined TPS cover systems and ALL cover systems since it's launch. The roadie run, slide into cover, melee attack, reload mechanic and grenade throwing mechanic are untouchable and Vanquish proves that. Maybe some truth to the rumor Capcom tried to get the cover mechanic from Epic by including Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet...Hmmmm.

Vanquish is fast...too fast. The graphics, much like Lost Planet, are top notch but the game play, like Lost Planet, is all over the place. It's like a silent black and white movie of old where everyone looked like they are on crack. The weapons are forgettable, melee is a joke. The whole skidding on your knees like a disco move of the seventies is glitchy...the whole thing borders on glitchy because of the speed factor. The camera angle blocks out all the surrounding environments. You have to stop to look around which is sad because the details in the environments look great. Lots of collision detection problems, again like Lost Planet. The pacing is choppy just like the game...was this game made with the same game engine as Lost Planet??? It sure looks like it to me, Mechs and all.

Look, you like Vanquish...fine. It looks like a nice weekend rental to me. No multi-player in this day and age is a HUGE oversight. They should include a local and on-line co-op campaign mode. There will be comparisons made to gears because Vanquish borrows ( steals ) alot from Gears.

In terms of value for money spent...Gears wins hands down. Few games can compete with what gears brings to the table. 4 Player co-op, Horde mode and all new multi-player with dedicated servers. Halo Reach the only game riding on that train at the moment.

Here's Gears E3 trailer...Good luck to ANY game coping

Here's Killswitch. I actually bought this game...the BIG problem, no checkpoints. You die, you had to start over. The good ole days, love the music. Looks just like Gears...NOT.

guzman3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@ Outrageous: Whoa, holy frothing wall of rambling text Batman! I stopped reading around the third paragraph, the part that states Vanquish is too fast, cause the stupidity was crushing my brain. Anyways, after playing the demo, all other TPS (especially Gears) feels like it's playing in slow motion, no thanks. It's great to see Mikami changing up the genre again, considering his RE4 laid the foundation for the modern tps.

MWH3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Lost Planet and Gears of War both are good games, Vanquish will be a good game too. you know very much you're going to play it, love it and then love it some more. stop bitching about it as if your virginity is on the line and play game.

scofios3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Even cliffy b him self said kill swich + resident evil r 4 = gears .
Chek his intervieuw with Geoff Keighley at comic con 2010 on gt tv .

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elbeasto863828d ago

Vanquish is alot quicker and has less "weight" in the character movement (which was one thing that really made me give up on Gears). Definitely looking forward to this one tho.

midgard2293828d ago

yeah i played first 2 gears and honestly only play it cuz its coop. i hatee how heavy they are. i mean they wouldnt even get shot if they took off that armor cuz they would be able to move so fast.

lol if marcus finally takes off his armor he will move faster than the dude from vanquish

TOO PAWNED3828d ago

Demo was ace. Really loved it.

Lombax3828d ago

Like having to take cover before you can vault over obstacles, and not having the roll (X button) as a quick hop over. For such a fast game, it really breaks the flow having to lay down before I can jump a 2 foot wall.

That being said, I think I'm goin to play the demo again. It's really fun!

midgard2293828d ago

amazing game and take on the shooter genre.

all these articles of japan not being able to make good and unique games, constantly making cookie cutter rpgs and lack of innovation and yet they are the ones to further innovate the already heavily saturated shooter genre. goodwork platinum games!

solidt123828d ago

The demo is incredible. Day one for me also.

Immortal3213828d ago

the demo was wack. all it was, gears of war(fast pace), jet set radio, and the matrix.

Coolmanrico3828d ago

I'm over 17 and I love the demo. It doesn't matter what features it has from other games, but how well it execute them and from the demo the game does it well.

Gen0ne3828d ago

Gears of War, Jet Set Radio and the Matrix? You're actually filing a complaint against this recipe? Jesus, what more do you want from your games. Goodness gracious.

Oh yeah. I'm 36. So, there goes that theory.

guzman3828d ago

35 here, but I don't have to be 13-17 to know your taste in games is utter crap.

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