Tumble Brings Fun, Unique Challenges To Tower Building - GameInformer Review

GameInformer: "If you are a puzzle game fan planning to pick up Move at launch, then Tumble is certainly worth your attention. If you want to get the most out of the game, however, bring in a friend with an extra Move controller to truly bring Tumble to new heights (pun totally intended)."

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tiamat54159d ago

That's better. Gameinformer and Joystiq are obviously on the ball more then IGN is. What did they give it? 3.5?

fooltheman4159d ago

Sorry If I say, but Move is maybe so accurate that some people blame the controls instead of themselfs...

I'm not talking about the reviewers that downplay games because it lacks longevity...

ethan4158d ago

Could be some truth to that. I have heard some negative talk about the table tennis in Sports Champions being too hard to play. IMO you improve on your skills with practice, so it doesn't make sense to bash it because it's too accurate.

tiamat54158d ago

I agree with you. I knew everyone would be trying to use it like a Wiimote and then blame the controls. Already have seen Xplay people swinging wildy claiming it doesn't work. Sigh. Once again Sony has to bend over backwards to prove themselves