The Japanese In-Store Xbox 360 Bundle (DoA Included)

Microsoft are trying to yet again tempt Japanese gamers to buy the Xbox 360 by offering cut price bundles.

For more info on the bundle click the link.....

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5391d ago
Dark Samurai5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

but it won't work. the japanese won't buy this load of crap especially now that we are nearing the launch of the ps3 and the wii. the best you can do is turning xbox owners into xbox360 owners. ...what you are doing now. i saw an article at Teamxbox in which they admitted that they are on their fourth 360. IGN xbox staff had 9 broken 360s ...WOW! at least Sony and Nintendo know how to make consoles and electronic devices 'cause they belong to this business unlike our crappy software maker Microsoft.

Boink5391d ago

so you never had a launch ps2? very high return rate, (actually higher than the 360, as microsoft is well below the 5% average)

you know, when sony had to recall about 1 million of them?

more japanese are starting to buy in, not much, but there is a lot more japanese titles coming that will help.

and that crappy software maker runs 95% of the computers on the market and has deeper pockets than sony could ever dream of.

do you own a ps3 yet? if not, stop staying how much better it is, as you obviously won't/can't know until you have it. stupid fanboy...

Liverpool4ever5390d ago

You really dont know what you're talking about.

TheMART5390d ago

And Sony's ass will be whooped by Wii, ain't that funny?

Silent5391d ago

OK how dumb can you be...PS3 and Wii is on their way and now M$ is pulling this??? Its not gonna work now. THe Japanese just gonna wait a month or 2 for Wii or PS3.


seems like a smart move, maybe time for more japanese hits like DOA4...

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The story is too old to be commented.