Saints Row Bundle Headed to Yurp

Karsten from Shizzle Games points out that Microsoft is listing an Saints Row Bundle on their official press site for Europe. The bundle, which includes the premium system and the game, will be released on Sept. 8 for 439 Euros.

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mikeeno75045d ago

Saint's Row. Its a game of mixed nuts.
The good points- the gameplay is perfection.
The bad points- The graphics are certainly high-res xbox 1. And the city of Stillwater doesn't feel as immersive as San Andreas, it gone for the ultra- realistic city style, while Andreas had countryside, hidden locations, wacky buildings...that sort of thing.

THELANDSOFSAND5045d ago (Edited 5045d ago )

it's a fu(king awesome game. the homies buddy system is great, as are some of the flame and water graphical effects. just wait for the multiplayer!

MS need this for america, it would sell a sh1t-load... saints row will shift consoles for sure.

Marriot VP5045d ago

so how much money are yurpeans saving here

xeon1215044d ago

well not much when u convert it back to dollars, 10 dollars works out at about 7 euros

OutLaw5044d ago

They should also bundle it with an exclusive Saints Row faceplate, that would be so sweet.