Synex5017d ago

Keep watching the page. The Black Ops Reveal Event will start around 6pm PST

Synex5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

They stream every once in a while talking about gaming news and other miscellaneous stuff. Just come back at 6pm PST for live footage of the Black Ops Event.

AndrewRyan5017d ago

For anyone who wants to know. He is streaming from his mobile phone and the room is completely dark you can not see anything at all. Not only that but his stream went down for now he probably gets no service either!

Meowhammad5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

6:27 =/

I've been waiting for 7 hours...

Edit: Oh great, one more hour!

Halo_Reach5017d ago


So U.K time anyone ?

its 7.10 Pm here xD

Jack-Pyro5017d ago

You should check in around.........2AM, or just wait till tomorrow.

Xx Ziyad xX5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

now 9:35PM in Riyadh . i think the Reveal around 6AM here

Xx Ziyad xX5017d ago

no im sure its 6AM in saudi arabia bucz the Reveal is 3AM for UK so we in +3GMT. in UAE around 7AM