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1UP: "On occasion shapes fall through the floor, or get stuck, but the game does a good job of resetting blocks if they become inaccessible. And every once in a while, I'd have a particularly difficult time rotating a block the direction I'd like (where a right flick registers as a left flick, and so on). And certainly, Tumble isn't anything super special with its austere and generic looks, but it's also a completely competent, decently challenging, motion-controlled block puzzle game."

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clrlite4155d ago

Potentially a great party game. I like how it makes me imagine all kinds of other crazy puzzle games that would be possible with move.

Army_of_Darkness4155d ago

I don't think its gonna be a good party game??..... cause if it's a get-together with friends taking turns and all(with alcohol) I'd be very impatient and like "hurry the F#@K up man! I want my turn!" so yeah, its more likely sports champion for me... party wise..

despair4155d ago

meh, it really just looks like a tech demo with a face lift, give me some proper titles with move like Socom, HR and Echochrome ii.

4155d ago
mopground4155d ago

omega4 never shows up on the positive reviews for move?

GeoramA4155d ago

How is that dumbass not banned?

I got banned 7 days for saying Crackdown 2 was a major flop (which it was)

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