Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells 500k, extra content planned reports that City Interactive's title Sniper: Ghost Warrior has sold over half a million copies and that it's expected to bring even more revenue later this year. The studio used to have a very bad reputation, but its new financial success strenghtens its ambitions. In addition, two packs of downloadable content are planned and a sequel will be very likely.

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Johandevries3946d ago

Too bad the MP sucks so much... I like the campaign. It's certainly worth a 7 out of 10.

BeOneWithTheGun3945d ago

Respectfully, that is. When you cannot walk up a slight inclined ramp whilst crouching, it kinda takes away from the game. And when you are in your gillie suit, prone, in bushes, not moving and tangos start shooting at you from 3 clicks away, well, WTH?

I was really stoked for this game and bought it off Steam the day it was released. The sniping is cool but man are there some game play issues.

Just my opinion.

bobcostus3945d ago

You know they patched all those issues like 2 weeks after release, right?

starchild3945d ago

I thought I was one of the only people that played this on Xbox 360. I haven't heard many people talk about it. I thought it was a decent game. I'm surprised it sold half a million copies. I'm sure that was on both the 360 and PC.

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Chuk53945d ago

What! 500k! That's a shocker right there. Just wow.

IMChampion3945d ago

how much people like camping and why BFBC2 is plagued with them. Thank goodness for this game, away with those wanna be snipers, away!

gcolley3945d ago

i kinda like them in BFBC2. i like the damn choppers and campers. it makes the whole thing feel like mayhem. stand still for a second and boom.... headshot

Johandevries3945d ago

Yeah I am quite suprised too, but in a pleasant way. I was browsing Google News and found this Polish website

TitanUp3945d ago

im planning on buying this

dirthurts3945d ago

I'm glad I bought it. Especially now that the patches are out, it's much much better.

RonXD3945d ago

Over 500k campers purchased this game lol.

outlawlife3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

or maybe some of the people who liked the other snipers games bought it?

reiterating stupid jokes made above you already doesn't make you funny

RonXD3945d ago

You're probably one of the campers who bought the game.

No one else made that stupid joke above me, learn to read.

dirthurts3945d ago

But I bought this game and loved it. It's more about stealth for me.
I never tried the multiplayer though.

outlawlife3945d ago

actually somebody did, you should probably learn to read...scroll up

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The story is too old to be commented.