MIG: Should You Buy a PlayStation 3?

There are numerous multiplatform games to check out on the PS3. Some games worth checking out – and are exclusive to the PS3 – include Uncharted and Uncharted 2, both of which do amazing work utilizing the full effect of the power the PS3 possesses. Similarly, you can pick up Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War III on the PS3 for an experience like no other.

Of course, these are just the big budget hits. Sleeper hits have also appeared on the PS3, such as the deliciously difficult Demon’s Soul and the lovely looking Valkyria Chronicles. As stated above, there are many multiplatform hits as well, also available on the Xbox 360 and the PC. Such titles would include the Call of Duty series, Resident Evil 5 and BioShock.

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morventhus3672d ago

First let me say I did read the article...
Second let me say... now is the best time to get a PS3
(you dont need an article to tell you that)

Philoctetes3672d ago

Not really a close decision.

zeeshan3671d ago

Does a bear sh!t in the woods?

bjornbear3671d ago

Do you like awesome games?!

both questions have the same answer.

EliteAssassin813671d ago

no, but they have been known to shit in the liquor tent, if I remeber correctly

Elvfam5113671d ago

Yes you should... Winter time is coming soon...

Moentjers3671d ago

You mean: shouldn't you sell your 360 to buy a PS3 ?
(after playing HALO:Reach)

rockleex3671d ago

You need heat during the Winter.


Hellsvacancy3672d ago

Should You Buy a PlayStation 3? no, u should of already bought 1, why wait?

8-bit3671d ago

haha, I remember being the only person I knew with a PS3 for a while. Now not so much, most of my 360 friends either traded up or now own both.

Cloudberry3672d ago


Exclusive games which do not appear on any other consoles / PC.

FuckinUsername3671d ago

bubbles up and agreed with you.

Optical_Matrix3671d ago

Just look at the consoles biggest games from the past 2 years up until now, as well as the games coming within the next year or so and surely as a gamer the answer is yes? You got your kart racers, racing sims, FPS, TPS, JRPG's, alternative games (LBP and Heavy Rain), Hack and Slash, Sports, Action adventure,'s all covered. You could PROBABLY live on exclusive games alone tbh. Plus all the great multiplat games that are coming out.

bustamove3671d ago


Look at how many games are out there for it! As a matter of fact, I feel like playing some Heavy Rain and God of War III today and get back to my Blazblue CS practice.

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The story is too old to be commented.