Call of Duty 4:Customization and Platform Interview HD

Weapon upgrades and differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are addressed.

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ASSASSYN 36o4451d ago

AWWWW Sony boys won't get to thrust their controllers. And killzone isn't even competition for COD 4 according to this interview. He picked GTA 4 as the biggest ps3 competition. "Killzone 2 is not happening." Ouch!!!

xaphanze4451d ago

He meant not happening this fall =).
I can't even believe he didnt mention Haze.This guy has no idea of what games are being released this fall.

gEnKiE4451d ago

awwwww...and ASSASSYN is an idiot :)

Omegasyde4451d ago

Your hotter flame bait than a Transgendered Inmate.

Who cares the game is going to be equal and he said he didn't need the 6axis movements. Big whup, most PS# only use it for gimmicks but those who use it right make the game playing a bit better.

I am surprised you didn't say:

"OMFFG he said the PS3 controller was smaller than the 360 one. HAHAHA Sony ponies."

You need better Ammo little one.

eLiNeS4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

That's what he said. Pretty funny, it took him awhile just to come up with GTA4.

I can't wait for the DEMO on the 360, it's going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!

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DrPirate4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Oh my God, this game is like sex.

Bury the hatchet for this one fellas, it's gonna be a good one for all platforms.

Edit: He said Killzone's not happening because Killzone is '08, it's not a competitor.

Omegasyde4451d ago

yea and he didn't mention Haze or Unreal 3.

He didn't even mention Socom, the closest game to compare with COD4.

SonyDefenseForce4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

WHY?...because there is no Games and even if there is it certainly isn't competition for this Game but Overall PlayStation has some Catching up to do on its Games because it's to Busy Copying and Robbing XBOX LIVE of its Features and Ideas and if it wasn't for HIDEO KOJIMA making MGS4 Exclusive (for now) PlayStation would be DEAD. and you PS3Boys no this is True your just to Scared to Realize and Admit it

xaphanze4451d ago

[email protected]?how old are you?12?
just so you know,many games are comming exclusively for ps3 this fall(more than 10 games), but the dev didnt have a clue of wht he ws saying.

gEnKiE4451d ago are also and idiot..

Stray_Wulf4451d ago

Ahahahahahahahaha oh man this kids hilarious, what an idiot. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a nerdy lil fanboy who sucks Bill Gates' d!ck lol. Copying and Robbing??? ahahahahaa.. If you havn't realized, XBOX LIVE is "ROBBING" you of your money while PSN is FREE, and of course you didnt realize microsoft is copying from sony lmao "hmmm lets add HDMI to 360 and make it black and make it have a big hard drive and we will call it an Elite" ROFL yeah sounds like they came up with it all by themselves right? dude face the facts, 360 is an overheating, disc scratching, horribly built console that is ruining Microsoft's profits. Oh and don't even get your hopes up on MGS on 360 lmao that aint happenin, all you guys got is GoW and maybe Halo if that game is even cool anymore lol.

Jeremy Gerard4451d ago

Clearly he didn't have any games to say because there are none on PS3, Haze and UT are coming to 360, the question was games only on one platform, not even sure why he said GTA4. Also, he probably couldn't think of any PS3 games because no one cares about that platform outside of Sony fanboy world, it is making no one money and it is more of a bluray player than game console at this point. I also find it interesting that they just skipped right over that stupid sixsuxus gimmick crap, smart developers, i wouldn't waste my time on that tacked on crap either.

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tony4451d ago

this game is going to soooooo awesome, but for some reason bioshock had stole some of cod4 thunder. still call of duty 4 will be one for game of the year. no doubt about it.

DTClown4451d ago

he said.


ShiftyLookingCow4451d ago

yeah he mentioned only PC and PS3, I wonder what it is. User maps delievered UT3 style?

SonyDefenseForce4451d ago

is that it won't suck like most Multi-Platform Games

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The story is too old to be commented.