Top Reasons that Men Play as Female Characters in MMORPGs

AC: If you have ever played a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) with voice chat, you have probably, at least once, experienced a rather disconcerting moment. That moment was when you found yourself looking at a female avatar and a distinctly male voice was speaking to you through your headphone or speakers. If you are male, it is even possible that you have caused a similar disconcerting moment for some other player in the game.

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RayRay364540d ago

To fu*k with people? Thats what Im gettin.

Bobbykotickrulesz4540d ago

Because they masturbate to their character's pixelated body? Or..

-MD-4540d ago

I played a male gnome for a very long time and switched to a female human. No reason other than the female human just looked better than the male human.

Male gnome > female gnome
Female human > Male human

None of this "Omg I don't want to stare at a males ass all day" crap.

ingiomar4540d ago

Only sexually insecure people say that

asyouburn4540d ago

buth thats exactly how i feel about it. womans body is infinately more pleasing to the eye than a mans. thats a fact. if im gonna spend 100 plus hrs looking at an avatar, why not make her really hot.

Myst4540d ago

Attack animations primarily for me. Example in Gunz the duel the "butterfly" move looked different from males to females. In an instance of playing as my male character I could do a speedy butterfly but sucked with a few things that I could do with female character. Same with the female couldn't do the fast version, but a few other things I could do. Overall I think it was due to mentality of playing, as I was trying to be abrasive with the male and flowing like a butterfly with the female.

Either way that's my reasoning.

big_silky4540d ago

It's the only girl that will ever allow these nerds inside them?

Kingdom Come4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

You've been on this site for just 27 Days and yet you've accumulated over 620 Comments...

PS3-2474540d ago

Do we really need reasons to what we already know.

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The story is too old to be commented.