The Miz Debuts His WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Blog- Gameplaybook

WWE superstar The Miz has begun talking up a storm about THQ's upcoming WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011. What does the "Awesome" one have to say about the game so far?

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tdogchristy903794d ago

I don't watch wrestling but the fact that this guy was once a real world cast member I find HILARIOUS!

TheDCD3794d ago

He's actually one of my favorites in real life. A lot of fun to watch and chat with.

N4GAddict3794d ago

The Miz is pretty awesome...

Paradise Lost3794d ago

another wrestling game...Yawn

BasilMarceaux3794d ago

when i was working at ihop last week jeff the dishwasher told me wrestlin was fake so i wupped his sorry bum just like the miz wouldve. I showed that punk

Zydake3794d ago

Chippy says your AWESOME!

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