MIG : Review | Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Since the first Kingdom Hearts title in 2002, Square Enix and Disney have formed a formidable duo. The fusion of franchise characters from both studios has ensured that the series has sold well over 14 million copies, whilst critics have often looked upon it kindly with every title scoring well on Metacritic. Considering that relative success though, it has always been a point of discussion that they’ve been unable to find a platform that they’re happy with.

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stannersprice3670d ago

always kinda liked the series but very twee. japanese love it though and they know their JRPGs!

jinofthesheep3670d ago

you hope they would! the voice cast makes the wait worth it thank god!!

GuruStarr783670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

The Japanese should know and love their JRPGs, especially since JRPG stands for Japanese Role playing game...

stannersprice3670d ago

is this a PSP revival? coinciding with the chilian miners getting some sent down to them...coincidence, i think not!

stannersprice3670d ago

Mark Hamill scraping the barrel with no work does not make a brilliant voice cast, Leonard Nimoy does

BlueEye3670d ago

I really hope they wont stick the KH series in the PSP, cause then i would have to buy a PSP, and thats rather impossible for me right now, even with christmas around the corner.

jinofthesheep3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

this one is a must have if you're a KH fan. it can wait mind, but it is definitely a must have.

jinofthesheep3670d ago

i think they've found a pretty good fit with the PSP but KH3 will probably be out on the PS3. they're being pretty coy about release dates and schedules, but the word is that they've got it pencilled in for 2011. expect to hear more about it soon!

McLuvn3670d ago

it for the psp but would rather play it on my ps2 "sigh"