PlayStation Move demos impress as Sony disses Kinect

ARS: This is why we're so bullish on the PlayStation Move. It creates new experiences while fitting nicely with the games you're already playing; it's not going to take an entire paradigm shift for developers to begin coding for it. The Kinect, on the other hand, requires an entirely new gaming vocabulary to interact with games; many tech demos are simply rail-based experiences. While the Move is brimming with possibility, the Kinect still suffers from many basic, unanswered questions.

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Cloudberry4772d ago (Edited 4772d ago )

Anyway, I'm looking forward for the full field report of the PlayStation MOVE.

outrageous4772d ago ShowReplies(8)
gtamike4772d ago

Good topic to send the PlayStation Move haters to :)
E.g. move is just wii hd that type of crap lol

Samus HD4772d ago

somehow it is and somehow not
because nintendo can do more great games than sony
that's the big difference because games matters more
nintendo is a far great publisher than sony
why do you think nintendo sold so much ( and the games too) ????

rockleex4772d ago (Edited 4772d ago )

But I'll never get games like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Gran Turismo, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, etc on any other system.

I'd like motion controls on THESE type of games and not with Mario or Zelda.

Don't get me wrong, those are great games too. But just not my type. They're too traditional with the way they play, even though they incorporate motion controls.

I would buy a Wii, but everytime I look at its library I realize why I never did.

kanetheking4772d ago

but nintendo lack the games that appealed to me.they did not sell so much last gen so was they great back then?

yocdub4772d ago

Sorry to burst your very ignorant little bubble Samus, but the only reason it has sold more than Sony & M$ is because its the cheapest of the 3 consoles, its safe for the kiddies and a comatose monkey with down syndrome can use it. You can literally count the good games Nintendo has in its library on your hooked hand...as for the amount of Shovelware it produces in a given week, a mother of 3 could drown her kids in it. I'll start listening to you when Nin makes a game on par with LBP, or a Shooter Like Gears or even KillZone, or a Battle game Like Warhawk, or how about a racing game like GT or Forza. How about HD or even an Online service that doesn't require smashing your face into a brick wall to enjoy. Enjoy your Zelda/Mario/Samus love circle and please leave gaming to real gamers who don't have to wait til grandma is done playing.

beardpapa4771d ago

when you got a cheap system like the Wii and the only worthwhile games to get on it are games that feature mario, zelda, and/or pokemon.... obviously those games will sell more. Look at the other offerings on the Wii. They have piss-poor sales!

You can't call Nintendo a far greater publisher than Sony when all they have always relied on was Mario and when their gameboy and DS systems relied heavily on 6+ iterations of Pokemon to drive sales. Talk about milking a franchise.

Hideo_Kojima4771d ago

what a freaking cant understand is how people believe nintendo is like the innovation master?

I look at Nintendo and all I see is the biggest MILKING cooperation in the world.

Mario has been milked beyond belief in over 200 games... I can't even comprehend how the hell they made that many Mario games.

Yet when MW makes a second game you all bad mouth it and claim Activision is milking the Call of Duty brand name.


Count4771d ago (Edited 4771d ago )

I love your comment, Yocdub. The whole part where you call Samus ignorant and then show off your own ignorance.

It's great.

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djevolve4772d ago

oh so you can put on some mickey mouse gloves and jerk off. Right on looks awsome, seems ps3 fans love shovel ware when it's on there system.

YES IT'S A TOTAL WII RIP OFF IF YOU DON'T THINK SO THEN YOUR KIDDING YOUR SELF. I own a wii, I know that it is a rip off. wii can do anything that move does.

PHOSADRA4772d ago

What are you talking about?
Wii rip off?
Yeah right >.<
Sony has been researching motion control for years.
It just happens that using a controller is better than hands free....

Sony couldn't wait for Nintendo to release the Wii and then try to copy the controller.
If they did....the Move controller would still be undergoing extensive development....Especially after considering the improved functionality and percision

djevolve4772d ago

Sure thats why nintendo beat them to it. Oh I get it, they have been researching it ever since nintendo sold three times as many systems as they did.

ChozenWoan4772d ago

the same tech Sony licensed to give the PSMove it's basic motion sensing abilities. Then Sony upped the game by adding the Eyetoy tech they've been developing to the move, thus putting it into a league of it's own.

and now you've just been Philled in.

CobraKai4771d ago

They have been researching it before Wii sold millions. Look at the pic in the article, that's a PS2.


BulletToothtony4771d ago

wow... somebody uses the wiimote for other purposes MORE than playing video games...


Ron_Danger4771d ago

don't forget about all those on rail shooters and year 1 PS2 graphics that the move does just like the Wii


mxrider24771d ago

You know whats the best part about hitting yourself with a stick?.......


DarkTower8054771d ago (Edited 4771d ago )

Can Wii do HD?
Can Wii do 3D positional tracking?
Can the Wiimote track movements outside the sensor bar range?
Can the Wii do head and body tracking?
Can the nunchuck be wireless?
Does the Wii have built in batteries for its controllers?
Can the Wii integrate a camera with its motion control games?

Yes djevolve, the Wii can do everything the Move can /s.

I love Nintendo but let's not fool ourselves with what the Wii is capable of. I held on to my Wii for way too long, waiting for something that can compare to the great games on the PS3 and 360, but nothing ever came, so I finally sold it. The concept of the Wii was great, but lets face it, all the good games the Wii has don't use motion controls, and are better served using a Gamecube controller. Why Nintendo didn't make every game compatible with a gamecube controller is beyond me.

Sony took the motion control tech and perfected it with the Move. That's what this business is about, improving. There's no need to hate on Sony for taking things to the next level. Maybe you should hop on board one of these days and you will see how much fun you could have, you might never go back :)

djfullshred4771d ago

So what if it is a Wii rip off? A Wii rip off with better games sounds like a good idea.

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cliffbo4772d ago

exactly where is Sony dissing Kinect in there?

HydraxFFx4772d ago (Edited 4772d ago )

The Move is imitating hands, which is Kinect's input.

cliffbo4772d ago

lol. that's a stretch to get that headline though.

sikbeta4772d ago


Don't forget the black t-shirt....

8-bit4772d ago

"The Kinect, on the other hand, requires an entirely new gaming vocabulary to interact with games; many tech demos are simply rail-based experiences. While the Move is brimming with possibility, the Kinect still suffers from many basic, unanswered questions."

Nothing but Rail games because Kinect's buttonless limitations

cliffbo4772d ago

mmmmmmm... ok, i stand corrected lol

Jrome4772d ago

"You'll notice that Anton was comfortably sitting on a couch when using the PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation Eye never reacted negatively to its reflection from our wall of monitors," Rey Gutierrez, Senior Social Media Specialist wrote on the official PlayStation Blog. "These aren’t gesture triggering animations, folks, but true 1:1 gameplay."

adamx4772d ago

only a matter of time before micro$oft starts selling A kinnect controller for $99.99 and just act like "your body is the controller" was never EVER said.

DaTruth4771d ago

"You will never need a HDD to play any of our games... er... except Forza 3 and installing all games if you want them to survive 3 mos."