Hardcore gamers too fat to join the military?

The Army has changed its physical fitness program because the "Xbox Generation" is less physically fit than previous recruits. Is now a good time to join the Army if you are not in optimal shape?

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tdogchristy903708d ago

I know as technology changes, the way we train changes. However, what should not happen is the military lowering it's standards because the nation is lazy. When going to war there is no second place.

milliways3708d ago

From what I read in the article, I don't think they're lowering their standards just changing how they do things to make sure everyone's fit, but don't end up getting injured at the same time. Recruits will still need to meet the same fitness levels and they're just changing how they get there.

mikeslemonade3708d ago

The military doesn't really have the time to adjust workouts for everyone. Most of the time you got one instructor for every 30 recruits. At best you probably have 3 seperate groups dubbed the "Fast" "Medium" and "Slow" group. If you can't do none of those then you get sent back in a physical training platoon. That is what we did in the Marine Corps bootcamp.

commodore643708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

For every hardcore gamer that sits at home on the couch and is grossly overweight, society bears a HUGE social cost, as that individual's weight and lack of fitness will result in higher costs to state funded medical programs.

Of course the real tragedy is that such overweight hardcore gamers likely suffer from low self-esteem and social phobias as a result of being picked on for their weight.

As it stands, in the US alone, the cost to taxpayers as a result of obesity is over $92.6 BILLION, in 2002 dollars. Adjusting for inflation, that figure is likely to be much higher today. What's more, more than HALF of all Americans are overweight today.

I think it's time for gamers, in particular,to take some responsibility for their health, weight and resulting self-esteem.
The social stereotypes of hardcore gamers seem to have a ring of truth about them:

For example, a peripheral like Kinect has the potential to encourage gaming in a healthy setting. On a daily basis, one half hour of interactive FUN gaming with Kinect would likely improve the health and self-image of overweight gamers and thereby cut the cost to the taxpayer of health problems related to obesity.

Amongst all the hate for Kinect on the internet, why aren't we, as hardcore gamers, willing to admit that it might be fun AND good for us and society as a whole?

This active fitness aspect of Kinect really does impress me.
MS would be wise to advertise this fact to the parents of all the hardcore gamers that live in their mom's basement.

MicroSony4Life3708d ago

The article did not say anything about hardcore video gamers being too fat to be mall cops - hope lives : )

BX813708d ago

Changing standards is not the same as lowering it!

Nawert3708d ago

Haha, the Army is at it again. Semper Fi Marines.

SgtRock3708d ago

Semper Fi is right. I don't even recognize WTF is going on in that photo.

TEFL0N_D0N_813708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

It is a lazier generation. They're changing their standards because fatter troops are running out of breath on a simple 1.5 mile run, running into earlier health problems, and becoming less reliable on the military job. Overall the costs of keeping troops in shape are sky rocketing.

Yes I'm prior military, which is more than most around here will have ever done for their country than just sit around and complain and 360 this, PS3 that, Obama doesn't care, and other BS.

Sarcasm3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Yeah way to Generalize things here.

Let's just forget all the overweight middle aged people because only "kids and teens" are lazy and fat.

^Sorry I don't know why this post went here.

Mr Tretton3708d ago

I hope you know Teflon, anything you 'did', did absolutely nothing for this country.

TEFL0N_D0N_813708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

oh yeah, I agree. We shouldn't have gone to Iraq.

@Sarcasm above, if you're curious why my original post addressed the topic, read the article in question.

Also, there are middle aged people in the military. Their test scores are curved to compensate for their age and height. So unless your post was in total sarcasm, your rationale fails.

iceman28853708d ago

I'm glad that you joined the military and you helped our nation, I appreciate that. But you have to realize that joining the military is not the only way to help our country. Without some portion of the population seeking higher education than the military gives (yes the military gives a fine education, but a lot of the technology the military uses comes from civilians who are employed by the military and government).

You should know as well as anyone that going out and doing an everyday job helps the country as much as serving in the military.

TEFL0N_D0N_813708d ago

iceman, I'm aware that there are other jobs that serve the country in an honorable fashion. But let me know if you ever come across bullets flying by with people on the other side willing to cut your head off with a spoon. Their hatred for America is rising so fast that the Iraq invasion most likely fueled their cause in the long run. Then let me know that going out and doing an everyday job help the country as much as serving in the military.

iceman28853708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

You're right, we should be like all those countries we try to be different than and force everyone to join the military. Heck, lets forget the reasons why the country was founded in the first place, everyone should join the military and fight in wars so that we know what it's like to have a bullet flying past your head.

I have no idea what its like to have people shooting at me, but then again, you have to get it through your pea sized brain that if we didn't work our jobs back home and generate money for our government and boost our economy as well and design the technology that keeps the US armed forces on the cutting edge, you wouldn't be fully armed or funded.

Serving in the military is an honorable thing, but thinking that you are better than everyone else because you served in the military goes against why you should be serving in the first place. If you really think everyone should serve in the military and that you are better than someone because you served in the military, there is nothing that I can do to help you understand why our country was founded in the first place.

jeeves863708d ago

Hey man, I support anyone who has the inner-workings to go out and put their life on the line for the sake of what someone behind a big desk says 'the greater good,' but Iceman has a point. Every person who holds a real, legitimate job serves a purpose.

Think about it dude--people get jobs and they spend money. That money fuels the economy to make more jobs. More jobs = more people paying taxes and not wasting resources on pogey or welfare. In the end, not only does that money make the USA a country worth fighting for, some of that cash ends up going back to the military for its efforts at home and abroad.

SilverSlug3708d ago

Because all hardcore gamers are exactly the same weight and physical condition. Just how all minorities are criminals.


Sunny_D3708d ago

Wait, they're not? /s

Anyways, I guess I'm hardcore, but not really really harcore, since I have a life. I am 185 lbs and can bench 230 lbs.

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