IGN: The Top 25 PlayStation 3 Games

IGN writes:
"What's up, everyone? It's time to blow the dust off a classic. Of course, I'm talking about the list of the top 25 PlayStation 3 games. We've taken the previous lists, torn them up, and buried them at sea. This time around, we've got a brand new crew voting on what the greatest games on the platform are, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised… or hate our guts."

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Acquiescence4590d ago

that killed me frjoethesecond. A Combo-Breaker if ever I saw one. Bubbles for you.

sikbeta4590d ago

Damn! to late for The Real Driving Simulator COMBO BREAAAKKERRR!!!!!

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Jack The Lad4590d ago

Don't joke guys, your not allowed to even joke on this site :-/

Bubbles for the laugh from me anyway :]

house4590d ago

i have to say mgs4 is the best game i have played

Motorola4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

It was my first PS3 game :D

house4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

wow lucky my first game for the ps3 was boxing since i got the 60 gb ps3 and didnt have money for any really cool games my second game was heavenly sword now that was sweet

but i think number two should be god of war and number three little big planet

jokia0054590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )


Solid_Snakeps34589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

I was so amazed with MGS4 that i had to buy all the other Metal Gear games: MGS 1 from PSN, MGS 2 from Gamestop, MGS 3 also from Gamestop. Hell I got a psp just to play as Big Boss. Now, i don't do that for most games i play, but MGS4 was that good. It truly deservers all the praise... R.I.P Snake...

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CDbiggen4590d ago

Little big planet for top spot! Nearly two years on and me and my mates still keep coming back to it, just plain fun.

Bloodlyte4590d ago

they should put God of War 3 on the #2 spot instead of Uncharted 2 and keep MGS #1.

Two-Face4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

Flower = Interesting & unique game
MLB 09: The Show = Not my kind of game, but it's probably best baseball game.
Valkyria Chronicles = Very cool art style.
Demon's Souls = Hardcore.
Street Fighter IV = Best fighting game this generation?
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time = A good game, but I want new IP instead. Seriously.
Super Stardust HD = Fun game
Oblivion = Massive.
Wipeout HD = Ahhh, this is a wonderful game. One of my favorite racers this gen.
Dead Space = I love this one man. Awesome atmosphere, enemies and weapons.
Resistance: Fall of Man = Decent. Love the weapon wheel.
Warhawk = Great online experience on PS3.
Infamous = Didn't like it.
Rock Band 2 = ZZZzz.
Burnout Paradise = Good racing game, but there are better in my opinion. Grid, Dirt 2, Wipeout HD, etc.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 = Crap, call of duty 4 was way better.
Batman: Arkham Asylum = Sweet superhero game.
BioShock = Great game, but not on PS3. Horrible controls, play it on PC.
Killzone 2 = I hate this game, but the graphics are nice.
Uncharted 1 = Good adventure game.
Fallout 3 = Yet, another great game... but not on PS3. Get it on PC.
Grand Theft Auto IV = It put me to sleep. Boring game.
LittleBigPlanet = Probably the best PS3 title in my opinion.
Uncharted 2 = It's good, but not THAT good as it is said to be.
MGS4 = My second favorite PS3 title.

Ah man, I was looking at the Last edition. Kind of failed, but people make mistakes.

HeroXIV4590d ago

I think you're getting disagrees because it DOES have some good games on it but I agree. Actually watching it go from 25-1 is embarrassing because the order is totally out of whack and they're overhyping games far too much (fallout 3 fifth best PS3 game? Really?... MW2 10th best? GTFO.)

TheLastGuardian4589d ago

Screw your pc. Bioshock plays perfectly on my ps3. And stop acting like alot of those games suck. I feel sorry for you that not enough games satisfy your picky tastes.

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