How to get the most out of your Dead Rising demo

Want to know how to find a machine gun or samurai sword in the Dead Rising demo, well look no further as ThekMillion has done all the work for you, you've just got to read on....

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PS360PCROCKS4545d ago

sweet, and zombie ride? lol um I am trying that

Yomaster4545d ago

Yeah, do that and hold down X while near a crowd of zombies. You will crouch-walk on top of them.

xeon1214545d ago

ahh the link is not working help!! i want a machine gun

TheMART4545d ago

it's just working overhere...

benihya4545d ago

This might sound stupid but it is true.

I played the game for 2 hours on Sunday and I loved it.
That same night I dreamed about me and two other people stuck in the mall
That is surround it with zombies and these Zombies where different like the one
From 28 days later, they were fast and smart.
The dream felt real (very real) and I was very scared during and after.
In the last 5 years good zombie movies and games came out more than ever before, and
My question is: did any of you guys start having Zombie nightmares or fears that you never had before?

atomheart4545d ago

I did! My parents let me download the demo yesterday. I'm only 6. Once my parents let me do this, I killed zombies all day. Now all I can do is talk about zombie killing - and now all my parents want to do is sue capcom! Which makes sense to me - my parents shouldn't be held responsible for parenting - that's the media and video game companies job!

TheMART4545d ago

hahaha that sounds great made up story for a good laugh hahaaa

benihya4545d ago

I wasn't going that direction, I am 27 years old. i was talking about my obsession with zambies is starting to back fire

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The story is too old to be commented.