EA registers Sims 5 & 6 domains

Post reads: "Three new Sims domains have been registered by EA. We had heard about the Sims 4 domain being registered, but two more have popped up. We all know the success of the Sims franchise, which also lead to Sims 3 selling 1.4 million copies in its first week. Not only that, but it was said to stay on the top of the charts for over a month after its release."

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Rrobba4657d ago

Good news for the Sims lovers...

jay24657d ago

Bloddy hell, wow so that's 20 years more Sims games/expantion packs, cool.

Zinc4656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

It seems the Sun will burn out before The Sims will die.

skip2mylou4656d ago

yay? i want more expansions for S3 first though :/