Sony removes Siena's flags from GT5

Sony decided to remove Siena's flags from Gran Turismo 5, Siena's authorities say they're satisfied by Sony's decision (article is in Italian)

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Iceland3951d ago

Sony is keeping their promise. No more delays for Gran Turismo 5.

Christopher3951d ago

Lazy Translation Link:

Good to see Sony respond to their desire to protect their historical and cultural heritage.

40cal3951d ago

I think that the flags appearance in GT5 would have protected and preserved there historical and cultural heritage even more.

Siena could have flown said flag in ten million plus homes around the world starting this November. Siena, stop being so sensitive. You fly the flag at the race in real life so what not a simulation of the same event?

Christopher3951d ago

It was about their history and culture used to help sell a specific product. They didn't want that type of connection. When movies are filmed there, they have the same stipulation.

ThanatosDMC3951d ago

I didnt know that... kinda weird but i guess it's how they are.

sikbeta3951d ago

No Flags, no problems, November 2nd is The Day...

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

ActionBastard3951d ago

Not buying the game for flags.

piekat3951d ago

I think these are good news, a legal dispute could have caused a delay, now everything should be ok (hopefully)

Dan503951d ago


Croash3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Never thought they were so important in a GAME. :/

I mean, important enough to create problems.

karl3951d ago

are u kidding? no siena flag.. im not buying GT5 /s

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The story is too old to be commented.