TXB's Dead Rising Review

Dead Rising is a game that takes the tried and true survival horror genre and turns it on its head. It melds brand-new gameplay ideas – and there really are a ton of new ideas to enjoy – with a B-movie style storyline that does an admirable job of keeping players engulfed in the strange goings-on in the Williamette Parkview Mall. It's part Grand Theft Auto, part Resident Evil, and part Dawn of the Dead. The best news? Despite taking so many ambitious chances in the game's design, it's still great fun to play from beginning to end. And isn't that what gaming is all about?

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Jak4ever5393d ago

Its only a matter of time before the Media blacklist this game, I promise. Whats amazing to me is that noone sees a problem with this offering of Violence,Gore, and Massive blood.

The very fact that a game like this is being offered so losely is sad. Terrible (And please dont answer me with replys of "If you dont like it dont buy it" thats not the point.)

TheMART5393d ago

Why exactly?

I mean come on. GTA4, smacking people to get their car, shooting anyone is good?

Uhm shooting anything without blood is cool but this is not?

Having a gun in the states is normal but shooting in games and blood is forbidden?
Oh yeah and sex is a large problem. Why exactly?

Yep it's just like with movies. Adult movies shouldn't be watched. Adult games shouldn't be played by childeren. If childeren can, it's the problem of the parents. They should withhold them from it.

I really hate stupid censoring in games while other formats can have it all. While Americans can walk around with guns in realtime. Why it is a big scandal that sex is around everyone but no one wants to talk about it or see it it may only be at night in your own house with the lights off.

Get real

Jak4ever5393d ago

TheMart: Its about being a discerning parent and being a good example. After a while kids will see through your contradictions. Read bladestars comment #11.

TheMART5393d ago

So then don't play the games yourself if you want to be a good role model.

Or is it safe to play GRAW shooting people and Dead Rising when blood is turned of? Answer that question for me please. And read all of my posts also.

Yours and Bladestar are so simply work arounds, like the USA government is about sex-scenes in GTA or other sh*t but they allow people to buy guns actually

Isn't that a strange thing? Oh yeah they earn money on weapon sellings that's why it's allright!

Jak4ever5393d ago

Its called being a good example TheMart not a Hypocrite, so no i dont play games that feature Wonton Violence because i couldnt justify it to my son.

TheMART5393d ago

So how old is your son. If you don't buy the games he isn't able to play them. If he's old enough to buy his own games, he will probably have the age to play them. If not, he just gets too much pocketmoney.

For the rest. Put the console in your living room he could not easily cheat on playing 'illegal' games then.

He could rent a violent movie also, or porn or whatever don't you agree? It's just not the problem of the format, it's the problem of parents.

Jak4ever5393d ago

im not saying that your argument is not a good one, just that most parents are simply not being good examples I dont watch things that i cannot justify (in my heart) to my son as to why he cant , I try not to be a hypocrite. and my son is 6 years old.

TheMART5393d ago

Your son is 6 you say.

So if you don't buy the violent games, he won't play them simple.

If you want to play them, play them when he's in bed. Six year olds are in bed before 20.00 I guess.

If most parents can control themselves, games are not the problem. Anything then can be a problem. Besides the named movies, alcohol, drugs, smoking, violence of themselves and more is damage for childeren.

See what I mean? It's sh*tty but if parents are not able to prevent childeren to see it, they also won't turn the gore off probably. It's just of no use

The Snake5393d ago

Your original post states that it's sad that a game like this is being offered. What about us responsible citizens who know the difference between video games and reality. I don't have kids living in the house. Why is it sad that I'm being offered this game. Would you like to censor my whole life or just what I do when I'm at home?

Daewoodrow5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

I disagree with not selling these games, as others have said, it's all about the responsibility. My little brother is 5 years old, I love all kinds of violent videogames, but I don't touch them till he's asleep at 10pm, not even simple beat-em-ups like streetfighter.
There's no benefit to it. I end up playing games feeling tired and not into it, but the reward is I know my brother will grow up mentally stable.

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BIadestarX5393d ago

They should allow people to turn off gore and massive blood; I can't play this in front of my kids; same goes for GOW.

TheMART5393d ago

Exactly, you just give it a right comment there.

You can't play it in front of your childeren, you shouldn't do it. I guess you also don't watch porn in front of your childeren? You don't have sex with your wive in front of your childeren?

Turning blood off. So shooting someone without blood, anyone dying on the ground isn't bad in front of your childeren! Hey man you should buy your childeren a gun that is that effective that blood isn't seen in real life on other people. Then it's all good, right!!!

I say: more bloody games but rated. The xbox is an adult console. If you want no blood go buy a Wii. People should watch their childeren and themselves when and how they're playing. Just the same when they're watching bloody movies or porn. It's just like that. Don't be so like the pope. Don't have sex before marriage and use no condems bullsh*t

Daewoodrow5392d ago

I wouldn't play Dead rising with my brother in the room gore or not! It's not the blood that's traumatic, man, my brother has seen his blood before! (and no, nobody hit him :)

It's like saying you'd let a three year old watch Doom the movie if the rock didn't say f**k so much!

Aramis0015393d ago

My **** blocker won't let me see the review, can someone please copy and paste it for me?

Jak4ever5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

Same here. How can anyone justify hacking heads off and blood gushing everywhere?? I dont get it, is this supposed to be fun?

But apparently, it seems that as long as there is not a backlash then its ok?.. its criminal.

TheMART5393d ago

It doesn't matter if you think it's fun or not. People are free to do or think what they want as long as one is not doing another person harm.

So why are guns on sale in USA for everyone? Why are there thriller movies? Why is there porn?

Man get over that strange religion or other things that withhold you of free thinking. It's just all about keeping it away from childeren. If parents fail in that, it's not the problem of the game