AMD Kills ATI Brand, Future Products to Feature Brand Change

This had to happen eventually, and it did just happen: AMD has dissolved the ATI brand completely, and consolidated ATI brands, such as Radeon and FirePro under the AMD main brand. Under the new branding scheme, new graphics products AMD launches (such as the upcoming Radeon HD 6000 series), will do away with "ATI" completely from the logo, marketing material, and so on, and the market will, as it already has been doing since the AMD-ATI merger, albeit informally, refer to Radeon/FirePro products as "AMD Radeon" and "AMD FirePro".

AMD explains its move as an "evolution of the AMD brand portfolio", saying that consolidation of ATI-branded products under the main brand results in reduced marketing overhead.

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SilentNegotiator2973d ago


Just kidding.

Inside_out2973d ago

Sounds like a money saving scheme and to get rid of any contracts associated with ATI brand.

jerethdagryphon2973d ago

its just a breand change to tidy up things, ive always refered to my radeons as radeons rather then ati radeon.. its no biggy and most likly theres not going to be any internal shakeups other then workman repainting parts of buildings

RedDragan2972d ago

Fail comment of the year!

This is where fanboyism shows it's weakness. Where a person can be blinded so much by a name that he/she selectively forgets of all reason and logic.

Newsflash KratosGirl:

ATI IS AMD. And I would not have said it was a merger, more a takeover. AMD were very much the bigger company and became the parent company immediately after the deal.

So ATI will no longer feature? No biggy, the same people will be working on the new cards. No extra staff should go because that happened when the deal was done between both companies years ago.

This is nothing more than Rebranding, although a wierd move to be honest, the ATI brand name was ahead of the nVidia brand name in respectability.

saint_john_paul_ii2973d ago

RIP ATI, but i guess its for the good.

yewles12973d ago

O.O I'm still in disbelief...

ultramoot2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

What a relief. ATI names are too long anyway. Does that mean I can refer to my 'ATI Radeon HD5750' as just '5750' now? LOL

On a serious note, this does not change a damn thing about how messed up their cards are. They can call it whatever they want. The fact remains that their drivers always have so many issues with different games and with Windows TDR(which they just can't seem to fix).

mrv3212973d ago

Or how about they just make one card a year, call it after the year and have different models.

So AMD 2010-PRO. It'd make buying cards much better than the whole host of confusion it is now, sure bigger number=better but still.

Pandamobile2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

The numbering schemes aren't that hard to figure out.

For AMD cards:
First number: Series (Generation, current is 5)
Second Number: Card Range (e.g. Lower number budget range, high number enthusiast range)
Third Number: Card within range (e.g. 4870 is better than 4830)
Fourth Number: Always zero.

For Nvidia cards:
First number: Series (Generation, current is 5)
Second Number: Card Range (e.g. Lower number budget range, high number enthusiast range)
Third Number: Card within range (e.g. 285 is better than 280) The xx5's are usually the second generation of a card. They'll shrink the die and up the clocks, but the GPU's are the same.

chak_2973d ago

current gen is 4 for nvidia...

Am I wrong?

Letros2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

4 is correct

IaMs122973d ago

I understand that and makes sense but what about the 9550s and 9600 cards? Say people would look at those and go WHOA those are in the 9000 ranges so must be better then a 5870 haha. But of course they are not.

Pandamobile2973d ago

Screwed up my copy-paste. Yes, current Nvidia generation is 4.

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r1sh122973d ago

Ive got a few ATI radeons, they are a little old but I havent had any issues.
I assume you just love your Nvidia, I just go with what ever is in my budget.
The past few times, Ive got good value and performance.
I need amazing high spec cards, Ive got consoles for gaming.
They have probably done this to cut costs somewhere between both businesses.
Its easier to manage a portfolio when everything is under 1 parent company and they dont trade as separate entity's.

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