PSP download store held up by DRM

Fans of the PlayStation Portable media device must continue to wait for a download store, a feature that experts have said is a must if the player is ever to launch a significant challenge to the iPod.

Sony representatives, which have been holding press gatherings in major cities in preparation for the September launch of the upgraded PSP, refused on Tuesday to set a launch date for the download store.

They did reveal that the store will launch with "short-form" games. Whether music and movies will be available at rollout is "still unclear," said John Koller, a spokesman for the PSP.

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THE_JUDGE5894d ago

is anyone really suprised by this? Why would any company want to put their music out there on the PSP when its getting hacked every update.

vidoardes5894d ago

That wouldn't hqave anythign to do with it, I have seen iPods running hundreds of applications, runnign Linux and god knows what elses. The DRM software on the music/movies would be seperate from the OS on the PSP.

MK_Red5894d ago

They should have launched this much sooner. Still, hope they do it right.

mikeslemonade5894d ago

I would buy a 2nd PSP if Sony really would make a iTunes like store including the manager where you can organize music, videos, and podcasts.


Former Playstation Chief Gives The PSP Console A 'Funeral'

A console classic.

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aaronaton7h ago

I did a IPS screen mod on a PSP i bought recently (broken screen Series 1000). PSP was £30 and the Screen was £20.
Loving it again! Really enjoying MGAcid2 and Valkyria Chronicles.

Highly recommend picking one up for cheap (1000 model) and doing the mod yourself.

andy856h ago

Always remember a store near me getting a Japanese import several months before the UK release. And then getting one for Xmas with GTA LCS. Mad to think that was nearly 20 years ago

Wretchedstain6h ago

Still got mine, original box, battery still charges and works.

GoodGuy096h ago

A legendary portable console. Man the psp days were great.


I Need A Moment To Mourn The Sudden Death Of Saints Row

Pour one out for the homies.

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GoodGuy0928d ago

2 and the third were the only ones I really enjoyed. All the really wierd stuff in the other games I just didn't like. I want gang wars.
I'm sure there'll still be saints row games....maybe.

ocelot0728d ago


Don't get me wrong I eventually got around to enjoying Saints Row 3 and somewhat enjoying Saints row 4. But saints row pretty much died after 2. How can you go from a wacky not so series GTA type game. To a wacky game with aliens and super powers?

Saints row 1 was fun. Saints row 2 was again really enjoyable.

Then the super powers came and ruined it imo.

Sort of like resident evil. First few games where amazing and then 4 came around with crazy people rather than zombies.

hombreacabado28d ago

what ruined resi for me was that it turned from general real horror to an action game with horror set pieces.

ocelot0728d ago

Exactly the over the shoulder camera with crazy dudes with axes really ruined the series for me. Enjoyed 5 but didn't treat it as a resi game. Enjoyed 7 and Village.

neutralgamer199228d ago


It’s been dead since SR3. The best game in the series was SR2

Profchaos28d ago

The franchise was dead the minute they included gat in agents of mayhem and dropped the trailer for the reboot just re enforced it

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YouTuber discovers unreleased The Fast and the Furious game on original Xbox

GF365: "Can you imagine finding an unreleased Xbox game on an old hard drive? Well, that’s what happened to Modern Vintage Gamer, a YouTuber dedicated to exploring the world of retro consoles and their secrets."

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porkChop29d ago

Damn. I was hoping it was the original open world F&F game that was cancelled. That game actually sounded cool. This is just an Xbox version of the Tokyo Drift game. Still cool to see though.

BlackCountryBob28d ago

I remember getting a demo of Lamborghini from OXM just before it got cancelled because the studio collapsed, it was so good and when I heard they converted that game into Juiced I bought it day one; the demo was better!

Valkyrye28d ago

MVG is a game developer now.