New Move for Sony's PlayStation

Sony claims its new move controller is an improvement, not a copy, of the Wii.

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Ivan Drago IV4077d ago

Less than 3 weeks!! Hope my gamestop does a midnight launch.

Rumor4077d ago

this thing is great hardcore AND casual plus coke marketing and KB = holiday season domination

4077d ago
sikbeta4077d ago

PlayStation Move is more than an improvement

wii = motion controls

PlayStation Move = Augmented Reality

SilentNegotiator4077d ago

LOL CNN Gaming.
But this is actually pretty good footage.

(2:10) - Freaking great tracking.

cliffbo4077d ago

this is why i like Sony. they don't pretend to have invented the wheel, they just say they've improved it -- which they have

MmaFanQc4077d ago

since sony devs had this techs since 2002 .....and the ps3 sixaxis had motion sensors BEFORE the wii release date....

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TrevorPhillips4077d ago

cannot wait for this :D

Also cannot wait for Halo: Reach :)

Life just gets better

Meowhammad4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Yeah, I can't wait to play Halo: Reach with Move. That's what you were implying right, right?!

Shoko4077d ago

It's a copy, but it's a better copy.

Agent-864077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I don't think copy is a fair description since the technology is different, but if it is, then its a much better copy. First, Wii doesn't have true 1:1 tracking and most movements can be faked with wrist flicks; its mostly gesture based. The accuracy of the Move really looks incredible in comparison. Second, the Wii SD resolution is a real turn-off to me. Once you go HD, it is just impossible to go back. No more "tubes" in this house. The last difference is only ergonomics, but the Move just looks like it'll be more comfortable in your hand.

Dance4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

it might be slightly more accurate than wii but overall design are too much of the same

Keltik824077d ago

That is why you have one bubble. Go away.

ChineseDemocracy4077d ago

I remember the days when I couldn't see comments with 1 bubble.

edhe4077d ago

Go into your preferences and change your level then.

I put it back down to 1 bubble minimum, because i was missing half the fun on this place up at 3.

doughboy20084077d ago

I guess someone missed the big glowing ball on the end of the move and the buttons, and the ergonomics or maybe that's just me. :P

gamingdroid4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

If I was a Sony shareholder right now, I would be crying my eyes out and sell the stock.

Sony had researched both EyeToy and PS Move, chose EyeToy and released it. Then backtracked and now releasing PS Move after seeing how well the Wii sold.

Sony sounds like a company that is unable to execute a great product release despite having the technology far in advance of the competition.

Now it sounds more to me like Sony never intended to releas PS Move, but because of MS Kinect showing at last years E3, they rushed it to market. Perhaps Sony was saving it for PS4?

Note, I do not personally own any Nintendo, Sony or MS stock.

Chaostar4077d ago

STOCK TROLL!! You're a rare breed

*throws pokeball*

Qui-Gon Jim4077d ago

A big part of what makes Move work is the internal sensors. The gyroscopes and accelerometers. Anton Mikhailov has said that the technology of those has just recently gotten fast enough to make Move as accurate and fast as it is.

I think you're right that they had shelved the idea, but part of the reason was that they didn't feel that, at the time, they had the right balance of performance and cost. At the time it just didn't add enough over what the Eyetoy was doing (the same reason they passed over 3D camera technology).

gamingdroid4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

You are right about that, but Wii Motion Plus was released last year. I can't imagine we need much better gyroscopes and accelerometers than that.

I do agree with you though that the technology available probably wasn't there yet in terms of availability and cost. However, Nintendo managed to release Wii Motion Plus in the meantime.

In Sony's defense though, a lot of research happens at each of these mammoth companies and never see the light of the day or get shelved for a variety of reasons.

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Nathaniel_Drake4077d ago

yup the Wii can do Z-axis /s

myothercar4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

@ Dance:

Yeah they're both black and they both are shaped like tv remotes, and they both have wriststraps. But the most innovative thing about the Move is the ball, and it is what makes all the difference. Motion Plus is a glorified orientation sensor. It just means the Wiimote now knows how its rotated. That's ALL. FACT. Move, however, is a complete 3D tracking solution, doing full XYZ position, orientation, 1:1 Virtual Reality, and 1:1 Augmented Reality perfectly. The Wiimote can't tell the difference between a punch to the face and a punch to the stomach. The Wiimote can't tell if you're holding your shield by your face or by your legs. The Move can, and there's really no question of its capabilities- it is a Super Wii Motion Plus Plus, or as I would call it, what the Wii should have been at launch. That's why the Wii is a letdown in terms of motion controls and the Move is not, and why suddenly motion controls are cool- because they're being backed by hardware that actually is tracking its position and orientation in true 1:1 and on all axes, unlike the Wiimote+, which is more like a travelling compact gyroscope with an accelerometer for waggle gestures.

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OneSneakyMofo4077d ago

I honestly agree. It's an improvement. This is what the Wii should have been (excluding the camera) not the "oh, it's been two years, let's release 1:1 Wii Motion Plus now" bullcrap.

Sony stepped their game up.

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