Nintendo DS Lite Motion-Sensing Game and Attachment Released

New title MagKid does indeed come with a dongle that enables the handheld to react to being waved around as if it were on fire.

The gameplay is pretty simple fare but it's the hardware we're more interested in this time round - the future is bound to bring plenty more wobbly gaming to the DS. Anyone for a spot of Super Monkey Ball perhaps?

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MK_Red4109d ago

One word. Stupid (IMO). Nintendo is just cashing in on WiiDS craze (in specially Japan).

Marceles4109d ago

Nintendo has made games like this since before the Wii came out with Kirby Tilt n Rumble, Yoshi Topsy Turvy, and Warioware Twisted on Game Boy Advance. I wouldn't say it's a craze, but now it's an even bigger reason for Nintendo to make more games like this since they were ignored before the Wii.

djt234109d ago

i want to try it out it like a mouse