John Carmack on id's Brand New IP

SPOnG caught up with id software legend John Carmack at E3 this year, where he told us all about id's next project - a rare in-house development with an all-new IP, innovative new technology in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and his thoughts on next-gen consoles.

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TheMART5394d ago

A couple know hows from John:

"While they will be developing their next game simultaneously on the Xbox 360, their primary development platform is still the PC."

So the 360 version of their games is no port of PC. But PS3 will be a port of the PC or 360 version, otherwise it would have been mentioned here seperately. Quality of for example Quake Wars and all future Quakes and other games from his hand will have the best quality graphics on 360 for the consoles.

Expect Quake Wars to appear on 360 but not on PS.

Furthermore, this is a funny one. John thinks the 360 is the strongest console with the best choices and optimalization for games, but:

"nVidia is sponsoring Carmack's Armadillo Aerospace corporation's rocket in the latest X-Prize completion."

The GPU of PS3 is from... Nvidia, John likes the 360 more but he get's some sponsering from them. That's just plain funny.

If you wanna see and listen how John thinks about PS and 360, watch this nice video

LilClaw5394d ago

Yeah I totally remember that video TheMart. He totally was brutal about it. I think that both consoles will do fine however.

ghostface5394d ago

He never said the 360 was the strongest console. He just said it was easier to develope for. He also said the PS3 has more peak power.

TheMART5394d ago

Oh yes he says it. Actually he says:

MS has made the most optimal choices in hardware to get the best results on games. Sony didn't. Period. AND it's easier to program on. Go listen it again. Peak power means sh*t if the games are not the best on the system. Peak power, my home stereo also has a large peak power, but overall power is a whole end lower


well, considering i play games, and they have to be developed, that why i choose 360.

ghostface5394d ago

What are you saying the PS3 what have any games avaliable. You don't think there developing games for the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.