Bungie Clarifies What They Mean by Punishing "Habitual Quitters" in Halo: Reach

X360A: When we posted up the Halo: Reach news a few weeks back, talking about how the Seattle based developer would be looking to punish "habitual quitters" in Halo: Reach next month, to say that some people took that news badly is quite possibly an understatement.

“People freaked out, yeah,” Bungie's Community Director, Brian Jarrard, told X360A at Gamescom this year, insinuating that it was much ado about nothing.

Looking to clarify just want he meant by that, Jarrard gave us some insight as to what they class as habitual quitters and how they plan to stop it.

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Natsu X FairyTail4545d ago

I hate those guys. Whenver im playing SF4 and kicking ass Some lame gotta leave the game. I dont even win the Points after that!!!

A Cupcake for Gabe4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

I think they should still credit you if the other guys douches out on you. It sucks trying to win in a game online, and when you're kicking ass, the other guy backs out like a royal smegma, robbing you of your points/wins/achievements/troph ies/etc and leaves you saying "WTF".

DavidMacDougall4545d ago

I'm playing Kane & Lynch ATM at them "Sore losers" keep bringing the whole game down when they leave just cause they can't take me kicking the **** out them!!

Give me a reconnect system or dedicated servers! I've been trying all day to get 20 wins in Cops and Robbers and i only have 9 cause of all the games being closes right before the end!!

swice4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

Lol "A Cupcake for Gabe" said 'smegma'. L O L. Bubble for you.

And yes: people quitting out early can really ruin a great round.

Bobbykotickrulesz4545d ago

He's always stepping over tha line.

he's a habitual line stepper.

4544d ago
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Kingdom Come4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

Nothing frustrates me more than someone who Rage Quits on Gears, removing their wireless Adapter in order for their stats from the game they are being owned in not to count and therefor not ruin their fake K/D ratio and then move on to another game until getting Host connection, it's tragic. I have an overall K/D of 2.9 on Gears of War 2, with roughly 11,000 more kills than deaths and that was achieved without quitting, if I'm in a laggy game, I don't quit, I adapt to the situation and instead of playing more offensive, I play defensive. I have a friend with a 0.4 K/D and hrs proud of it, I mean, really, disconnecting from Libe to look pro? That's just sad...and your lying to yourself by doing so...

pustulio4545d ago

I hate that shit man.

I know a guy that quits in Gears, Halo and MW2 if he has 3 more deaths that kills.

I hate him and the worse part is that when they buy the game they get some kills so at the start his K/d Ratio is 2. something or even 3.0 or higher and from there they start quitting everytime they are getting owned to keep that K/d high and brag about it.

Really pathetic.

theonlylolking4545d ago

What I want to know is how many quits until punished.

SOAD4545d ago

If you see that you're losing the game, do everyone a favor and remain in the match until the time runs out or the game is over. Where's the challenge in quitting a game if things don't turn out the way you want.

By the way, I have a friend who played a lone wolves match in Halo 3 mp. It was up to 25 and he had 12 kills and the leader at 20. Other people would have quit if they were in my friend's position, but he didn't. He didn't give up and he stepped up his game. And he ended up winning first place.

swice4545d ago

Turning a game around by simply staying in it happens semi-often. It's exhilarating

mercsfan4545d ago

I think it's 3 within like 30 minutes

m234545d ago

This is great, I am so sick of people rage quitting. I can't play a full match in Halo 3 now without someone quitting. Some people do have certain times where they have to leave, and that is understandable, but the quitters must be punished.

authentic244545d ago

now people will just betray teammates until booted from the game and their stats still won't count. At least that is how halo 2 and 3 worked

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