10 common gaming injuries

The risks of prolonged gaming.

MMGN: Games are so addictive that we sometimes find ourselves playing for hours on end. We tend to ignore that tingling in our hands and the cramp in our fingers as we keep on telling ourselves, “one more kill”, “until the next save point” or “when I reach level 20!". Listed below are ten common gaming injuries that might happen to us as gamers.

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Cevapi885018d ago

WoW malnutrition, lol...one of my friends fits that description very well, he's 6'3 and weighs 135lbs

on topic....i wouldnt call this an injury but whenever i played a GT game with my DS, especially the endurance races, my thumb basically gets flattened to hell holding down the x button that it begins to hurt...idk if im the only one who has experienced this

A Cupcake for Gabe5018d ago (Edited 5018d ago )

When I was playing God of War 3, I looked at it and died of it's beauty..

...I got better...

EDIT: But in all seriousness, I have cramped up in Guitar Hero, and twisted up my fingers playing Heavy Rain on Hard. Some of those QTE combos had me wrapped up like pretzel trying to keep my ass alive.

K-Tuck5018d ago

Too "silly" to be interesting, if you ask me.

Emmettcelticfan5019d ago (Edited 5019d ago )

which is Tendinitis which wasn't gaming related, my main cause was through boxing. Mine wasn't a simple trip to the physio, mine is in the wrist, firstly I was on antiinflammatory and plenty of rest which didn't work. Then it was strapped up for a while which didn't work. so surgery was my last option which involed a small incision over the scar tissue lesion, and then shaved the excess tendon material away. And to this day my wrist still has pain in it from time to time and I was forced to give Boxing up after 8 years at it. My wrist started in my A level business exam in summer which resulted in me getting an E LMAO, no worries though I achieved a B overall.

Lets-Game5019d ago

they forgot the main thing, your eyes, mine get red lol. which is bad

Emmettcelticfan5019d ago (Edited 5019d ago )

apart from Tendinitis I also have photophobia (reaction to bright lights). So majority of times i have sunglasses on anyways so I avoid that problem, though wearing them in clubs does get me some looks of people. Ive got my bono red one's on now as I type this

Lets-Game5019d ago

oh i have that too i guess, not as bad as you it seems but on a sunny summer day going out without glasses is a real pain for me. and I always have my monitor brightness turned down.

Emmettcelticfan5018d ago

you should get em checked out, make your life all that bit easier

Wardog13685018d ago

lol, yes. My eyes were always red from too much gaming in highschool. It led my dad and some friends to think I was a pot head.

Wii360BeatsPS35019d ago

Wiimote stuck in the ass is the number one gaming injury for Nintendo fans.


big_silky5018d ago

Soon to be replaced by what's known as M.I.S.T.- Move induced sphincter trauma.

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Anyone else not blown away with graphics these days? Me neither

Talal writes: "I'm talking about having that rush of excitement - that feeling you get when you know you've just made a memory for a lifetime."

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OptimusDK23h ago

There are different games. Some have gamplay at it highest priority, some have the story, some have the replay value and choices... There are a lot of different game experiences.

It is laughable that just now graphics does not have anything to do with that experiene. We have had many games of that type over time. This is just the one that have come closest to feel like playing an actual movie. Just look the the Digital foundry walkthrough it is a masterpiece in that perspective and hence wrth trying. But yes do not do it for the gameplay - but that was never the goal of this experience.