1UP - Elemental: War of Magic Review

Eric writes "A kingdom you'll find somewhere south of magical."

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Lets-Game2975d ago

why do they even write reviews? who the hell likes reading. just make all reviews video.

eggbert2975d ago

written is almost always more in-depth than a video review. Sure a video review will give a score and a brief overview, but it doesn't really delve too deeply into the reasoning behind the score.

Just my opinion.

bjornbear2975d ago

written review probably quicker/ easier than decent video review

Perjoss2975d ago

something about written reviews, if you're at work you can turn off images in your browser and from a distance nobody can tell what your looking at, you could be reading something work related. (i r pro slacker)

crck2975d ago

Well looking at the user comments under the review it looks like the reviewer didn't even bother playing the game... That's pretty disturbing and its not the first time I have notice this. I read several Dragon Age: Awakening reviews and a lot of them obviously didn't play the game or bothered to finish it. What the hell do this "journalist" get paid for?

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Trroy2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Sounds like this game will be awesome in multiplayer, even if the single player is hampered by bad AI, and will be better after its gone through a few patch cycles.

I'll catch it when its bundled with the couple of expansions Stardock always puts out later.

I find it odd that the reviewer complains that the game is too detailed. It's a turn-based strategy game, not a RTS. That basically invalidated the whole review for me. The only worthwhile info I got was "lots of release bugs" and "AI bad enough that I, the crappy strategy gamer reviewing this game, can beat it"

@reviewer: Crying for a tutorial? Jeez. The guy also knocks a classic like Master of Magic, too? Wow. Cowboy up, and play some strategy games before you review them, man, or leave the reviewing to the big boys. Get some friends, put away the Civ 4 for a while, and play a serious strategy game, like Space Empires or Age of Wonders.

Letros2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Few patches and this game will improve significantly, keep an eye on it folks, Stardock is not working on a new game for a long time, they are committed to Elemental the beauty of an indie dev, however a rough launch is also a flaw.

tommyth3cat2975d ago

I do feel the game needs a few patches to truly reach it's potential. It is quite good it just takes some time to get accustomed to. I've been going through the campaign and its not bad I can see a lot of great mods to come for Elemental.

This game may not appease the main stream gaming sites like Sins did but it has Stardock behind it and they have proven to be great post launch developers.

poeo2975d ago

reviewer lied about multiplayer. NO ONE has played the MP yet.

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