TGH: Young Thor Review

TGH Writes: "Thor hasn’t been in his own game in a long time. Maybe it is fitting that the first time we seen him in a long time is his Younger version a la Young Thor for the PSP/PS3 Mini’s line. There’s a joke in there about Mini’s and Young Thor but I will leave it alone. This very ambitious side scrolling beat ‘em up with RPG elements has turned a lot of heads. So it remains to ask the question, does this stand up to the legend that is Thor, God of Thunder."

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GuruStarr783628d ago

Totally disagree...control in this game blew hard.....maybe a 3/5.

ShadyDevil3628d ago

were you playing it on PSP or PS3? I played it on PS3 I did not find it that difficult. IT felt like the recent beat-em ups released on PSN with the exception of the D pad movement.