Community Voice: How Long Do You Like Your Games?

Rebecca of Writes:

"Today, many of us lead busy lives, perhaps with multiple jobs, families, kids, and other hobbies that reduce the amount of time we can spend gaming. As a result, many are drawn to a fun, compact 5-10 hour experience, rather than a 100-hour odyssey that many will never get to complete. According to Murray, only 10-percent of people completed Joe Danger, with average playtime for all those who downloaded it resting at 20-hours. Apparently, most journalists only played about half-way through. Does this mean that Joe Danger is too long? Obviously, Murray doesn’t answer this question, but it’s a valid point to consider.

So, what do you think?"

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theherp804039d ago

I hate it when a game is less than 8 hrs long. Even though its a great game for 5 hrs it's still a 5 hour game that you paid $60 for. Think about it, people complain about paying $15 for a 3 hr DLG, for $60 i should at least get 8hrs of solid gameplay

tigresa4039d ago

It really depends on the game. The new Castlevania game is an action game mash-up of Devil May Cry and God of War - but the bare story alone without doing everything lasts 25 hours. Sure you get a lot of time for your money, but that seems long as hell for an action game!

Nate-Dog4039d ago

Good article. I think it depends on each person really. I used to be at a place where I would barely play any game that's much longer than 10 hours. However in the past year I've put in 90+ hours on FFXIII, 40+ hours on FFVII and currently am in my 25th hour of FFIX. Obviously since starting this series I've noticed the differences between extraordinarily long games like these and shorter games, but it doesn't mean longer games are necessarily better than shorter games because they have more playtime.

Certain games can be too long, and certain games can be too short. But I think a lot of devs know how to make sure their short game isn't so short that you feel you've wasted your money, and how to make their long game not so long that it doesn't just drag on, eventually feeling like a chore to finish.

I like long and short games though. I adore games like the FF games I've played which take you through a long journey introducing you to all different characters, which takes you through long and brilliant tales, where you get to know more and more about each character and their story and what the real motive behind what they're doing is.

But I also like shorter games like Ratchet and Clank games (random example). You get a good jist of what the story is about, enjoy the fun gameplay for what it is and the extra little perks of it (like upgrading weapons and earning new ones) and just playthrough, usually having enough reason to have at least 2 more playthroughs.

theonlylolking4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

10 to 40 hrs long

Snarkasaur4039d ago

I like em long...but they also need girth.