5 Peripherals That Will Improve Your Game "Sometimes just practice isn't good enough. Any good athlete will tell you that the tools you use will be just as important as the training and mentality you bring to the field. The same holds true for the gaming world and while being a natural shot or an intuitive strategist helps, having the right equipment makes all the difference in the world. So what exactly should the console/PC gamer be looking for when it comes to accessories? There's a lot, and much of it boils down on personal preference, but it's always nice to be pointed in the right direction."

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Hardedge3952d ago

Razer mice are wicked.

I would add in the Baracuda line of mousepads while we're at it, I've got the Juggernaut and it's a monstrosity. In a good way.

mephman3952d ago

Yea, I've got a Death Adder - it rules!

Faelan3952d ago

I love my Razer Naga. It's perfect for MMOs like World of Warcraft, LOTRO etc. At first I thought the 12 side button concept would never work as it just looks too extreme on the pictures, but I'm having no problem using them in reality. Combined with my Zboard Fang, I can have up to 48 hotbar buttons at my disposal by programming the 3 large thumb buttons on the fang to alt, shift and control. Since I use my thumb for that, it doesn't interfere with my ability to move with my other fingers using the WASD keys.

Eskimo Keith3952d ago

I need to check out these Razor mice, i just have the bog standard that came with my PC, need something better for Starcraft 2

kevnb3951d ago

its so comfortable, and works awesome.

mastiffchild3952d ago

Right, does anyone know of anyone who makes a left handed version of the 360 pad, though? Sure, someone's made a PS3 controller with the 360 layout but still nothing in a mirror image which is what I think ruins the 360 pad for me-it's the wrong way round!

SOAD3952d ago

"which is what I think ruins the 360 pad for me-it's the wrong way round!"

Haha, nah, man. You're the wrong way around. Most humans are right-handed.

I think a lot of games have a control scheme set up for left-handed gamers, though.

mastiffchild3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

SOAD-youget used to a lot of things being thought out from a right handed view and it's true a lot of games DO allow you to switch thing s about for lefties. However, with the non aligned analogues on the 360 pad a lot of my left handed mates and I wonder if a mirror image controller would make it as good to use as a lot of gamers seem to think it is.

Wouldn't you imagine that ONE controller maker would go after the left handed dollar? The way the controllers are set up with the face buttons always in THAT position I can't even mod one easily to move an analogue, you know?

But, you're right, it's MY fault! I'll have words with my mum;) -and do NOT get me started on them making Link right handed this time round just when it would matter! Now I'm going to be sword fighting holding my shield n my sword hand! How hard would it be for them to make TWO lead character models just for fairness' sake? I know we're only 1/10 but across the gaming populace that's still a vast number of people.

sulack3952d ago

Im left handed but Iv been playing games for so long the other way I havent known any other way. Exept for when I play the Wii i hold it back wards lol

karl3952d ago

but true.. im left handed so game controllers are curiously one of the only things in the hole world made for left handeds

i everything else seems to be thought for a right handed world

theonlylolking3952d ago

PS3 controller isnt good for FPS!!!? HA most of the peeps I know are better with PS3 controller with FPS than 360. The only complaint they have is the r2 and l2 buttons not like the xbox 360.

gamerzBEreal173952d ago

i agree i'm alot better with the ps3 controller but i turned off the vibration on the 360 one and it was the same thing it's because it feels like the world is ending in your hands the vibaration is to strong it numbs your hands and it's a huge distraction

kevnb3951d ago

so your fingers dont slip. I got some from walmart and thought they were great.

Blackfire_x83951d ago

..This complaint on the PS3's 'triggers' - Mainly due to the simple fact they arent* used to shoot with!

It's funny people who live on xbox (Therefore using the 360 controller, therefore playing a very decent amount of shooters with said controller) say "The PS3 controller just doesnt feel comfortable for shooters".

I mean really, why would it?

Scrooge3951d ago

I own and love both consoles, and I gotta agree with the article. The PS3 controller is brilliant, but for shooters the 360 controller has the edge. On the flip side, games like Street Fighter IV are nearly impossible on the 360 controller because of the stupid d-pad.

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electricshadow3952d ago

Is the link not working for anyone else?

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