Bioshock Review, Killzone 2 Exclusive Preview in September Game Informer

This issue will feature Game Informers exclusive hands-on with Killzone 2, an exclusive Bioshock review, our Top 50 games from E3 2007 and over 40 pages of previews.

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23478ueyur_9382235178d ago

Yeah I'm hoping the hands-on is with new footage/information/screens, or something of the sort, rather than about what we've already seen. Multiplayer info would be awesome.

Maldread5178d ago

Yeah something new, and that they actually has gotten a hands-on and played the game for themselves would be great.

The Bioshock review should also be good. Will it get another 10/10, uhh the suspense ;)

Who knows, maybe Borderlands seems good too.

Devilbringer5178d ago

I know this has nothing to do with the story but. anyone know how i can embed a video in to a news story?

jay35178d ago

When posting, just under the description box, above the image box is a little bar that says "Insert Video (Optional)" or something, click it and a box will come up, take the embed code (Which should be next to the video on the site, like on Youtube) and paste it in the appropriate place and ta-da!

Eclipticus5178d ago

ooh i wonder what borderlands is. cant wait for the next issue

solidt125178d ago

Borderlands looks tight but damn so does every other FPS coming out in the next 12 months. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture is Killzone 2

Lifendz5178d ago

and I've yet to be left down. EGM really overrated The Darkness and killed Lair. I'm curious to see what GI and Gamespot give Lair. Hopefully they review it this issue.

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