Bulletstorm: GamesCom Presentation (Direct Feed)

From Gamersyde:

"Epic and Electronic Arts released this long commented gameplay video of Bulletstorm, finally showing what some journalists saw last week behind closed doors at the Gamescom."

(rollover the stream to switch to the high quality version)

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xYLeinen3029d ago

wow. Nothing less from Epic >_> 4 barrel shotgun lall :p

nickjkl3028d ago

people are realy running out of ideas for guns

we need a new weapon i know a 4 barrel shotgun brilliant

-Ikon-3028d ago

Game looks terrible. The kick someone to enter slow mo is whack IMO.

miacosa3028d ago

Don't like all the text that pops-up for everything you do. Hopefully that can be turned off or made more transparent.

jaosobno3028d ago

I'm sick of these unreal 3 engine games, they all look and feel the same. Looks like another generic garbage. Since Brink comes out at about the same time, I choose Brink.

iammason3028d ago

I will agree that some UE3 games look similar, but it is still a very beautiful engine. And how does this look generic in anyway? It's not like CoD...

ddurand13028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Im 98% sure that Brink is using an id4 engine.

jaosobno3028d ago

For me, there is simply nothing special about this game. Graphics wise, game looks ok, but gameplay, enemies, weapons, all look boring. Next to this, voiceovers are very annoying.

Who knows, maybe I'm wrong, but judging from gameplay videos looks like I'm not far off.

da305kratos3028d ago

game reminds me alot of borderlands, had a fun time playin that one so i am definitely looking foward to this one....

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The story is too old to be commented.