Golden Axe cuts its way to Xbox 360 and PS3

Sega have announced today that their 17 year old franchise will ride into battle yet again, in what they are describing as a 're-imagined' update to the series. Promising to deliver an intense and unique combat experience, Golden Axe will force you to use you wits as well as your fighting and magic skills in a battle to defeat 'an evil intent on enslaving the remains of civilization.'

Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing at Sega of America, commented "Golden Axe is one of our most treasured brands and is a complete re-imagining of the story that will take gamers on an unforgettable journey. The vision we have for the remake of Golden Axe is nothing short of remarkable and it can only be realized on the PS3 and Xbox 360"

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T-Rac5394d ago

old news but cool all the same :D

Loved the arcade version!

specialguest5394d ago

i hope this new version is more free-roaming with an rpg like element to it. instead of a predetermined path to the next level, how bout optional paths.

anyway, it's about time this series is back. can't wait to see how this game turns out.

TheMART5394d ago

Well this is great. I played them over and over again on my Amiga 500 years ago and loved this game.

I just really, really hope they make it a bit longer, because it was played through completely in no-time



online co-op PLEASE!!!