Killzone 3 versus RAGE: HD Screenshot comparison

GB writes: "Undoubtedly two of the most anticipated first person shooter games this generation, Killzone 2 and RAGE are both visual master pieces on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Guerilla’s managing director, Hermen Hulst, has stated Killzone 3 will use close to 100% of the PS3′s power. That’s what every developer says when they are working on a PlayStation 3 exclusive title, with each sequel actually bettering what the previous did.
RAGE, well we have got this to say."

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xboxlj4777d ago

I think that Rage will be an amazing experience. So far everything about it looks incredible.

Killustrious4776d ago

Only N4G users think KZ2 is any good?

Uhhh. 95 Review scores averaging a 91 say otherwise.


And KZ3 has much better graphics. Rage runs at a higher FPS but KZ3 has about 2934089347 times more action on screen at once. And the textures in Rage are fairly ugly, sorry.

IHateYouFanboys4776d ago

Forza 3 rated higher than Killzone 2, yet PS3 fanboys still say its no good.

TheGamer4776d ago

Rage looks amazing.......on the 360.

As for the PS3 it still doesn't beat UC1 or KZ2 so forget comparing it to KZ3!!!!

But it is probably the best or maybe the same as GEOW1&2.

gamerzBEreal174777d ago

why does it matter whos the best? there both beautiful games and um ps3 gamers can play both can't they? lol but not being a fanboy both games look great and there still in alpha! can't wait to see what they will look like a year from now

Killustrious4776d ago

PS3 fanboys say it's no good because we have Gran Turismo 5. Forza 3 is literally nowhere near the level of GT5, sorry. If Forza 3 is rated higher than KZ2, then GT5 is gonna have like a 99 on metacritic.

specialguest4777d ago

I'm more interested in playing Rage, but Killzone 3 looks more chaotic and action-packed.

The Lazy One4776d ago

That's because they didn't use any action shots from rage. They used mostly indoor shots with relatively little going on. Almost every Killzone 3 shot has an explosion in it. We know for certain that rage has action packed gameplay, because it's been in the gameplay demos. They just chose shots that don't play to the engine's advantages.

Hanif-8764777d ago

Judging from the screenshots Rage looks better. However, the developers for Rage stated that its running on PC with an Xbox360 controller.

8-bit4777d ago

Funny how PS3 games are compared to PC games while the only xbox comparisons we see are multiplats with bad PS3 ports.

frostypants4777d ago (Edited 4777d ago )

I agree, the Rage pics look crisper. But as you say, it's because these are shots of Rage running on a top-of-the-line PC. There is no chance in hell Rage will look like this on the 360, or even the average person's PC.

All that said, I like the environments in Killzone 3 better, but that's just because I find the whole post-apocalyptic Mad Max thing waaaaaaay played out.

Cock4Gamers4777d ago

You are only half right. The Devs said that its running on PC with the graphics settings set in a way that it is similar to what the 360 would look like.

nnotdead4776d ago

from the screenshots, the character and gun models look better on KZ3. after that i think it flips between each pic. some make Rage look better, and yet i think KZ3 looks better. either way both games look good, and i can't wait to argue which one plays better. lol

frostypants4776d ago

@Cock4Gamers, I'll believe it when I see it.

Socrates4776d ago

You act like we haven't already seen Rage running on the 360.

We have.

Rage on Xbox 360 http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Killzone 3 http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Rage looks better to me. And it is running at twice the framerate as Killzone 3.

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FACTUAL evidence4777d ago

It does not look better than KZ3, but Carmack did a GREAT job. That is sweet graphics on Rage. Sony should really hire this guy for one of their exclusives someday.

frostypants4777d ago

Carmack is an engine guy, not a visual artist.

cyber_crysis4777d ago

Killzone only looks good two feet in front of the player. The players gun and arms are highly detailed, everything beyond that looks average. Its like watching someone else watch an IMAX movie, KZ2/3 graphics are over rated.

knowledge4lfe4777d ago

is the poor little baby upset?? i got some tissues for you. here

Scotland-The-Brave4777d ago

you just annoyed because killzone 2 dethroned crysis?

Cock4Gamers4777d ago

you freaking KIDDING me? D-Did you just say KZ2 dethroned Crysis? I am appalled that this recession has caused budget cuts in the mental health sector. Thats the only way I see you being free at home to post such a comment.

squelchy154776d ago

I like the way scotland the brave got agrees for saying KZ2 looks better than Crysis. And Cock4gamers got a disagree for stating the damn obvious!

Belasco4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

Thank you. I have still not finished KZ2 because I got bored with it and the graphics didnt really impress me.

Scotland-The-Brave4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

What i meant to say was killzone 2 destoys crysis 2 on consoles

Socrates4776d ago

Uhh hell no it doesn't.

Killzone 3 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Rage (Xbox 360) http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Killzone 3 vs Crysis 2 vs Rage http://www.youtube.com/watc...

If you think Killzone 3 "destroys" Crysis 2 or Rage on consoles you are blind.

Scotland-The-Brave4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

Obviuosly killzone will be better than crysis on ps3. Killzone is built from the ground up and optimized for ps3 archictecrure. There is no multiplatform game that will operate/look better than killzone for ps3, and everyone knows that ps3 exclusives look a lot better than xbox exclusives. But We will see when the games are actually out. Its just the same as when xbox fanboys said that alan wake, splinter cell,and halo reach will have better graphics than uncharted or killzone and look how that turned out. If a game built specifically for xbox cant look as good as a ps exclusive, how the hell will a multiplat?
EDIT: The textures in the crysis (xbox) vid look shit compared to killzone.
You are blind and stupid :)

iPlayGamez4776d ago

lmao he keep saying killzone 2 looks better than crysis because he thinks crysis is a xbox game. this just show how blind fanboys like scotland is he sees the best looking game ever created accidently think it is a xbox game and goes into denial. and if he was referring to crysis 2 then it has all been PC gameplay that have been shown at e3 (i dont know about any vids after e3)

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Highlife4777d ago

Killzone 3 and Rage look amazing.
The thing that I want to see is if rage can capture what killzone 2 did as far as what was going on onscreen, the atmosphere, and sound. If it can we have 2 great games.

side note- I know games are mostly gameplay and visuals but the surround sound on Killzone 2 was amazing.