Joe Danger – The People’s Patch

"More important than any of that is the amazingly supportive response we’ve had from the PlayStation community. That’s why, for the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to cater to as many requests from the community as we can. Lots of people asked for a trial, so we put a huge one together with hours of gameplay, for those people who still can’t decide if Joe Danger is awesome or not. As of Tuesday, it’s now available worldwide." Sean Murray Hello Games Managing Director

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Ma1nframe5072d ago

This amazing game just got 10x Better

worth every penny @ $14.99

JobForARockStar5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

I love it so much and the fact that they did all that for the fans is awesome. So much stuff. I can't wait for the extra mp levels and to find the user created ones. The patch is already live. There are 5 new mp levels!!! And the user created level search is already up. What a GREAT update!

-Alpha5072d ago

I agree, and this patch sounds awesome!

Youtube/replays and sharing levels were the only things holding this game back (aside from online MP).

But I REALLY hope they allow for modes in local split-screen. Racing just isn't fun, I want to have stunt competitions and things like that with local MP.

SeanRL5072d ago

Like the rollcage mode or the jump modes in trials HD, those were lots of fun.

SeanRL5072d ago

Wow, so unexpected too! A big developer would release this as DLC. It's these small, dedicated, indie developers that deserve the fame.

Proxy5072d ago

Here we see a developer who cares about the game. Making money is a secondary concern, and money made is spent on improving the game.

In stark contrast with most of the big publishers philosophy.

DarkTower8055072d ago

I just don't see how this game is fun. I watch the videos and it doesn't look fun to me, but everyone is saying it's a blast. I guess this is one of those games that doesn't seem good from the outside, but when you play it you get hooked. SuperStardust HD was like that for me. I'm going to have to try this one soon.

badz1495072d ago

I need to finish EWJHD first though

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MGRogue20175072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

I bought this game just two days ago after seeing good feedback on a previous comment I wrote here:


I asked if I should get the game or not.. & got 22 Agrees for Yes.. So I bought it! :D

Seeing this new patch is a huge surprise also.. looks like excellent value for money, I'd say. :D

Kakihara5072d ago

I just sat down for a quick five minute playthrough of the demo, played for over an hour and didn't reach the end of the thing. Probably the best demo since Darksiders quantity wise. Great game too from what I played, if I wasn't such a cheapskate I'd buy it for sure.

despair5072d ago

wow thats a crazy patch, gonna dl it now, and they said more to come...sweet.

Mamajuana5072d ago

This game is awesome. Challenging, fun, simple, addicting, anyone out there who hasn't picked it up please do so.

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10 Reasons Why I Still Love PlayStation, 25 Years Later

Here are ten reasons why we still love the original PlayStation.

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naruga1684d ago

Resi 1 and Crash 1 these games go together in my nostalgia filled memory as the start of PS brand afficionando ....and objectively and curiously still remain untouched peaks in their genres ...nothing came close to them

NapalmSanctuary1684d ago

I still have 130 something games for the system.


Playstation VR - developer video series - A Vision For The Future Of Play

Sony has launched a new video series called, Playstation VR Developer Diaries. The first of the five-part video series, which glances back at the project’s early days is live now, so check it out!

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hoipexn2878d ago

credits and url fixed; ready to be approved people :)

joeorc2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Good informative video in post, but did you notice something in the video that maybe very interesting in further development's for VR in PSVR?

Something Many might have not caught on about PSVR, and its a really good idea to have the Headset built with this functionality in the headset, and its pretty good that it's included..
I know what it is, I want to see if other people caught it..Hint: it has to do with tracking in VR!
Take careful notice in the 1min 9 to 12 second's of the video..

It's there. And it's a real further Key what Sony has intended to add with PSVR in the future of its tracking.

NET_Nomad2876d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Interesting… notice that during 0:22 – 0:24 of the video, 3 black bands appear, quickly whip around then disappear into PS VR. I think those 3 black bands hint at PS4 Neo's exterior design. [1]

[1] http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-...

2876d ago

Console Wars - World War Console Part IV

Mark Kriska of Mammoth Gamers continues his console wars piece with a closer look at the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

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PhoenixUp3027d ago

This article is wrong in some aspects.

- PS3 has a successful E3 2005. Other than the questionable boomerang controller, everyone was excited about the console. It was E3 2006 that ruffled people's feathers.

- Xbox 360 actually had the slowest start of all 7th gen consoles. PS3 and Wii sold at a faster rate at their respective launches and all throughout most of the generation.

- How can you say that PSN failed? It implemented many features that we take for granted nowadays such as using actual local currency instead of a contrived points system, not locking many of the console's functionalities behind a paywall, having Cross-Buy right out of the gate starting with PS1 Classics, offering AAA games release day one along with the retail version, allowing Remote Play to be accessed anywhere in the world, starting out the gate with dedicated servers, offering a subscription service that gives plenty of value via PS+, and it was nowhere as restrictive as XBL. That sounds like a success to me.

- PS3 actually came in second place because it was always selling at a faster pace than 360 since day one when you align their launches. PS3 ended up selling 86 million while 360 sold 85 million. This is significant because PS3 had one less year on the market and was more expensive throughout most of its life compared to the 360.

- Xbox 360 may have ended up being the favorite platform in North America, but you can't say the same for the rest of the world. In regions such as Europe, Asia, and RoW the PS3 and Wii were always more prominent. That's why those platforms were able to outsell 360 in total sales.