Call of Duty 4 Developer Shuts Up PS3 Doubters: No difference between PS3 & Xbox 360 versions

"Same level of AA between 360/PS3, both @ 60fps.

Hate on the PS3 all you want guys, but we've done did it up right for the Sony lovers. Nothing has been 360 footage yet touted as PS3, you crack-heads! I'm not sure whats up with what you guys might have seen at E3, but we do have AA on the PS3."

Call Of Duty 4 developer DKo5 posted this on Neogaf in COD4 thread.

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MK_Red5187d ago

Now, this is why EA is stupid and Lazy. If a superb and stunning game like COD4 can be played with AA and at 60 fps on both consoles then the reason that Madden 08 runs at 30 fps on PS3 is absoluty EA's fault.

Anyway, great to see dev stand up and has what it takes to make a perfect game for every system without lazy EA-ish ports.

TnS5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

True. :)
Hope the next Madden will run on equal FPS on both platforms.

N4Gworks4Sony5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

What really grabs my attention is that one year ago Sony was like "xbox 360 graphics are like games but our ps3 graphics are like movies", and now they are satisfied with just saying that they are equal to those of the 360.

why would any same person pay $100 to $200 more for equal graphics when the biggest motive for buying a console in the first place is to play games not watch movies? even though you can watch those with the 360 as well?

FreedomReign5187d ago

I guess that's Equal FTW. Go IW.

barom5187d ago

Remember that the X360 is easier to develop for and i assume it would also be easier to use it's full potential too and the fact that it has been a year out longer oh and also the fact that PS3 is hard to develop for. Factor all this in, and you probably get why the PS3 is having a hard time to have equal graphics. I'm guessing next year is when we truly begin to see some real use of PS3's power.

TheXgamerLive5187d ago

there delayed and there not the same visually. To know if this is true we'll have to actually wait til there released and even then I'd bet money it won't totally be on par with the Xbox 360 version. If it is, it'll be a first time.

No fan boyism, it's just the facts.

Ri0tSquad5187d ago

Just wait until next year which is when I bet we will see the PS3 third party games look superior on the ps3. But things like madden running at 30 fps EA said that they were developing on the 360 for 3 1/2 years and they basically just started with the ps3.

s8anicslayer5187d ago

what are you talking about you moron, the ps3 graphics will finaly be on par with the 360, remember the ps3 is the superior machine from a technological and quality stand point! i can't wait till that piece of ish 360 goes under, i can't believe these airheads actuly believe the 360 is mor powerful then the ps3!unfuxinbelievable

Hatchetforce5187d ago

Screenshot comparison:



Note the windows on the balcony and the power lines. More stuff if you pay attention. original thread here (registration required):

Delive5186d ago

I "Kind of" understand what EA was getting at by more time to get to know how to program for 360 vs PS3, but isn't that why Madden was Canned last year for the PS3? To give them time to get it right for this year? I'm sure there are Devs capable of creating GREAT work on each console, if your Devs are giving excuses, then maybe better Devs need to be considered.

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power of Green 5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

Believe it when we see it; PS3 sources always come up with wild claims i can post so called hater killer post by Sony sources about Madden.

Only morons claim Devs are lazy because the PS3 taking too much resources to get games on par with the 360.

I'm sure devs can get games on Xbox on the same level as some Next-gen titles is it worth the time and buget?.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5187d ago

"Believe it when we see it"

you just did.

in writing out of the devs mouth.

don`t just say things to say them.

wake up.

Xbox 360 Will5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

Sh!t in his eyes from having his head up Microsofts A$$!

toughNAME5187d ago

although the chances are..the 360 version will look slightly better

thats not my opinion either.

DrPirate5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

Is it worth the time and effort? You saying I don't deserve a quality game?

Whatever platform, everyone deserves a quality title.

Douche5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

It's pissy little xbots like you who've gotten this dev so po'd that he goes on speaking like this. But I find it kind of odd that a dev would actually call other gamers crackheads. He must have been pretty ticked off. Believe it when I see it, huh? Why don't you just pay attention to how the 360's version looks and then go on with your life after that. Unless the rest you do in your spare time is trolling in other PS3 news topics. You do it enough as it is. Give it a break. Btw, NeoGaf isn't a PS3 website. So this isn't a PS3 source idiot.

macalatus5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

Even when you see it, idiots like you will still think otherwise regardless whether it would end up good or bad!!

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SmokeyMcBear5187d ago

but but, madden only runs at 30 fps.. so the ps3 must suck, theres no way that is the same

end sarcasm

socomnick5187d ago

yea well see I highly doubt its gonna be identical without lowering the quality of the xbox 360 version.

SmokeyMcBear5187d ago

thats some good flame ya got there mister.. socom?? why have a name that is a staple of sony??

power of Green 5187d ago

But dissagree with #5 Most gaming sites do not show multi platform games screenshots respective exclusive pics they get sent the best no matter what version they're from and those pics end up being shown as the mutli platform standard(meaning they'll show off the best pics for all consoles in the same horsepower range).

Anego Montoya FTMFW5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

that must be you in the pic, cause you definitly an idiot.

comment of the day.

we got a winner!!!!


take SOCOM out your name before i jump out this computer and sh!t in your 360.

Imalwaysright5187d ago

Just take a look at Killzone 2 you stupid Xbot

Hatchetforce5187d ago


I am absolutely sure you realize that the Infinity Ward Team spent months porting CoD2 to the PS3 JUST FOR PRACTICE. They worked extensively with the development tools including Edge to insure the PS3 version was great.

Some of these crackheads better wake up. The time is rapidly moving from PS3 versions being substandard, to PS3 versions being equal, to PS3 versions being superior. Get used to it.

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Syko5187d ago

Anyone doubting this game on any system is an idiot, the screens and videos have all been mesmerizing!! This will move some consoles on both sides when people see this game in action and start talking about it in force.

Hopefully they make the multiplayer a little better though as it never quite lives up to the fun of the single player campaign. Regardless though, this is a must buy until proven otherwise.