Bungie: Halo: Reach Leaks Unfortunate, But Won't Ruin Game

As you may have heard, the source code to Halo: Reach has leaked to the less savory neighborhoods of the internet. The ending can be viewed on video sites as well, but, according to Bungie's Marcus Lehto, the creative director on Reach, you could choose not to pay attention to the leaks, but even if you seek them out, they won't ruin the game.

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Steve_Urkel4050d ago

Of course it wont, its freaking Halo FFS.

Did I dooo that?

ActionBastard4050d ago

Gotta agree Steve. Reach is going to sell no matter what. It is a shame Bungie's swan song got screwed over with a leak. By the hands of MS no less.

DMason4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

If I ran into a Halo spoiler by accident, big whoop. Let's face it, the narrative won't have some crazy, explosive twist. I like Halo for what it does best, and that's FPS frantic action. But when the ending to Heavy Rain was spoiled for me, I literally shat a brick. I tried to push it out of my head, but couldn't.

People that spoil endings should be beat. Hard.

Shepherd 2144049d ago

For a FPS, the Halo games has always had a very solid narrative. Most people think Reach will have a simple, sad story about fighting to the bitter end and everything dies. i think it will be that, but it seems like theres a bit more to it.

There probably will be some complexities thrown into the mix based off of a couple of hints from the trailers, and although there may not be an actual "twist", there probably will be something in the story that people will not expect.

People leaking the game doesnt ruin it for me because im being careful about where i go and Bungie and MS will still make millions.

aceofspades4049d ago

my friends 10 year old brother threw a fit when halo reach was leaked and he seen it, it ruined it for him, as much as i hate halo, no game should ever be ruined for anyone ever.

SixZeroFour4049d ago

but you have to admit, the imagery you created with that post was pretty funny

BasilMarceaux4049d ago

Nobodies is gunna buy this darn game now. If i knows how a game ends, why bother playing it? Everybody knows halo games are all abouts the story, nobody plays this online or anything goofy like that!

Shucks I wouldnt be surprised if this game only sold like 10 copies now.

aceofspades4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

the ending was passed around his school, sad really.

swice4049d ago

Kudos to your sarcasm Basil. You had me for a second

SHOGUN 36o4049d ago

Anybody who possibly ever cared about halo should know how halo reach ends already. Leak or no leak. It's bad for noble team.

BasilMarceaux4049d ago

Dumbledore dies at the end. thats what my nephew Jeb told me after church the other day. sorry fellas

lokiroo4204049d ago

It was Dumbledores own plan to get killed the way he did. ;)

swice4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Well thanks for ruining it for me lokiroo! Fu*ker

SOAD4049d ago

I think the major spoiler isn't that dumbledore dies, but who kills him.

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DNAgent4050d ago

Spoilers are everywhere.

Motorola4050d ago

What spoilers? I saw the ending, which is the only "spoilers" out. And it doesnt make sense.

swice4049d ago

Of course it doesn't make sense! You haven't played the game yet!

SixZeroFour4049d ago

i saw the post, but didnt watch the vid...i would think, that if your post is correct, that "spoiler" would create hype rather than take away hype, cause then ppl would want to know what actually happened at the end if it didnt make sense

HyperBear4050d ago

But if people are smart and patient and have a life and are not retards like 75% of the world is, then they will not pay attention to spoilers and enjoy the game when it "Officially" releases.

swice4049d ago

Spoilers only ruin games for people that watch them

TrevorPhillips4050d ago

Just don't watch them guys game will be out soon.

ThePlaystationFour4050d ago

Let's be honest, Bungie is pissed regardless of this article.

SKUD4049d ago

Steaming MAD!. All the way to the bank. LMAO!.

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