New 2 Days to Vegas Screenshots

2 Days to Vegas sees you a recently released convict trying to help your younger brother get out of some trouble hes found himself in.

The game is a third person action adventure and currently has no release date, but judging by these mouth watering screenshots it looks like its definetly a game worth waiting for.

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Yo Wassap5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

Looks good now it just needs to play good

EDIT: scap that, replace good with great or amazing

TheMART5391d ago

Damn those look really freaking good! Only on 360?! Yup wanna see more and ingame footage ofcourse but it looks fingerlicking good

Gamer135391d ago

Anyway it looks mindblowing if this is how the game going to look when playing.


Sphinx5391d ago

...but waiting to hear more about this game.

OutLaw5391d ago

I thought they forgot about this game altogether. I hope the game actually looks like this because last year they pretty much had the same type of images.

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The story is too old to be commented.