Microsoft Already Planning Xbox 720 ARM-based CPU?

Microsoft may already be planning for the next generation Xbox 720 (or Xbox 3) gaming console based on separate news nuggets that have emerged over the last four weeks and lead us to believe that the next CPU powering the console will be ARM-based.

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chidori soukou3067d ago ShowReplies(6)
Montoya3067d ago

I think it`s funny people call it the "720"

It won`t be called that.

pustulio3067d ago

Exactly what i think, why not Xbox 540? or Xbox 3? or X3OX like some people say.

nickjkl3066d ago

nope it will be going against the ps4 their will be no 3 in its name they didnt name the 360 xbox 2 because then people will be saying xbox 2 or ps3

same with the next gen they will be going against the ps4 with what the xbox 3 highly unlikely

nickjkl3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

it will probably be called like x square, quad, quatro they might even drop the box part of the name as well since systems are starting to leave the box look and go for a more aesthetically pleasing shape IE:curved surfaces but it will keep the X in its name since the console its self is based off of DIRECT X

for the four main points of the system

music pictures videos and games all revolving around being online

Conloles3066d ago

I doubt MS would, the risk would be too high for a product if they made a mistake in the chip.

inveni03066d ago

If they call it XBox 720, they're crazy. That's the stupidest thing ever. Furthermore, I highly doubt they'll even release a dedicated console next gen. I'd be surprised if they didn't move to cloud gaming and raise XBox Live fees to cover the expense. Pay $200 for a media center and then $15/month for gaming.

AngryTypingGuy3066d ago

I really doubt they would do cloud gaming. The PSPGo didn't feature physical media and it's was pretty much a bust. People want physical property that they can lend, borrow and sell.

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3sq3066d ago

Oh, it'll be called "720" cuz the previous one was only "540".

bjornbear3066d ago

about an unannounced iteration of a console

next up, will the xbox 1080 be implanted in our heads?!!??!?! =O!!!! *makes website and writes "article"*

Stealth20k3067d ago

Wow is this what people are putting up? rumorish crap like this

lzim3066d ago

yeah, the licensing news was posted a while ago, but doesn't mean the engineers will build anything based on Arm's architecture. As long as they have IBM, and ARM to draw from they can try again to create processor circuitry in-house. I don't see it applying to a console, they'd probably be looking to make their mobile platform in-house.

dawgsfan1173067d ago

MS might already be planning on their future console? No way!

Seriously people do you not think that all of these companies (MS, Sony, Nintendo) started planning their next consoles as soon as they released this gen? These are huge companies and they always have development teams working on future projects years before they are announced. Hell most tech is outdated by the time you buy it anyway.

madpuppy3067d ago

Isn't that the processor used in portable devices,netbooks and pad computers? why the heck would they do that??

unless there has been some colossal jump in ARM based tech I find that hard to believe.

ChickeyCantor3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Exactly what i thought, ARM processors are used for smaller devices.
...or are they?

madpuppy3067d ago

that the graphics look best with ARM on a small 4" screen with 4x anti aliasing.

unless maybe this is news about an Xbox portable it seems far fetched.

darkequitus3067d ago

MS could be licensing ARM for any number of thing. A phone or new for example. They are making a huge assumption it is for 3rd Xbox when there more viable reasons for licensing ARM. Furthermore Mali is way behind anything the current GPU leaders are producing. Oh, and have fun with backward compatibility with PPC on ARM

Jdoki3066d ago

With the launch of Windows Phone 7 there's a lot of talk of MS putting out a smart phone of their own.

Much more likely that licensing ARM would be for that - but who knows.

TheIneffableBob3066d ago

Microsoft did put out their own smartphone. It was called the Kin and it failed hard. It used an NVIDIA Tegra SoC which is based on ARM11.

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