Sony Sensitive Files for PS3 Illegally Leaked

As if PSJailbreak wasn't enough for Sony. Tons of Sony documents and tools for the PS3 were illegal leaked yesterday, which can brew more trouble for Sony...[more information at link]

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big_silky4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Oh this is an absolute disaster. Sony has a big fat rat working for them.

edit- a disagree? How is this not a disaster? Damn near everything is out there now, it's not just a cute 'lil jailbreak anymore. And how can anyone get their hands on it other than through an employee?

Cloudberry4042d ago

It's happening eventually.

Still, I applaud them for at least these 4 years.

TotalPS3Fanboy4042d ago

Sony knows who stole those stuff in the first place.
Lawsuits coming soon.

CrazyForGames4042d ago

according to allot of the fanboys the ps3 was in no way hackable it would never ever happen and situations like this were impossible

i always thought it was funny

8800gtx4042d ago Show
koehler834042d ago

Don't act like you're not a fanboy 8800gtx.

thereapersson4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Continuing to show his immaturity, one horrible post at a time...

This isn't even hacking, in the purest sense. Someone stole files pertinent to the inner-workings of the PS3, straight from Sony; they figured out nothing on their own. It'd be one thing if they managed to crack the system and run back ups straight from code they've implemented themselves. But, people have pretty much given up and are becoming desperate. So what does someone do when they've run out of options? Resort to thievery and underhanded behavior such as this.

Sad, really...

solidjun54042d ago

He/she is not likely to get mature anytime soon.

Doc Sony4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

A lot of people said the same thing about Mass Effect 2 I recall.

No WAY in HELL would it ever come to the Trey, but here we are.

thereapersson4042d ago

Yep, just like PC users get owned every day via viruses, spyware, backdoor exploits and other such fun things that come hand in hand with the PC architecture, right?

boodybandit4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"Yep, just like PC users get owned every day via viruses, spyware, backdoor exploits and other such fun things that come hand in hand with the PC architecture, right?"

^Which is one of the main reasons why this one time PC only gamer is now a console only gamer. That and the cost of wanting to be near cutting edge when new graphics cards and more powerful processors were released.

TotalPS3Fanboy4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"according to allot of the fanboys the ps3 was in no way hackable..."

And it still haven't been hacked. It still is not hackable. And it will never be hacked.

However, they can use Sony's Debug Mode USB Dongle to run PS3 in Debug Mode. Which is what the usb dongle is meant to do in the first place anyway, and hackers just stole it.

In other word, they didn't really hacked the PS3.

onanie4042d ago

"Leak" is quite a far cry from "hack".

CrazyForGames4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"hack" and "hacking" are also used to refer to a modification of a program or "DEVICE" to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable

note how i capitalized DEVICE (ps3jailbreak)
according to allot of the fanboys the ps3 was IN NO WAY hackable

using the ps3jailbreak short lived or not to access parts of the ps3 that were never meant to be accessed by definition is a form of hack and like i said "IN NO WAY hackable" might not be a total system hack but it is still a form of hack none the less

"And it will never be hacked."
by this statement you are one of the people i was referring to
your actually being very ignorant and very foolish if you truly believe the ps3 will NEVER be hacked or has not been hacked in any way or form

sikbeta4042d ago

lol 8800gtx and The Bittersweet IRONY... Unbelievable


You at least know WTF are you talking about, look at the title again, it says -> [ILLEGALLY LEAKED] <-

The hack, is not a hack in reality, it's a usb device that let you access the PS3 in debug mode, letting you backup the game in the HDD, this is not a Custom Firmware or something like that, so the "hack" is more than Stolen tech from Sony and we don't know yet, how long it'll last...

TotalPS3Fanboy4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Hack meant bypassing security and modifying codes on the PS3 to cause the device to do something it was not intended to do.

In this case, to beging with, the PS3 was already meant to be able to run in Debug Mode if one insert a Sony Debug Mode USB Dongle into it.

In other word, the PS3 haven't been hacked. The security of the PS3 have not been comprimised.

Running PS3 in Debug Mode will allow the backup and execution of said backup games, like it was intended to, but, it will still not allow hacker to flash a custom firmware. The Debug Mode is part of the official PS3 firmware. It will not allow the flashing of an unofficial, un-signed firmware.

Think about it, if the PS3 Debug Mode allows hacker to flash a custom firmware, then they would have done so and you would only need to plug in the USB once, and flash a custom firmware, and that's it, instead of having to plug it in everytime you want to boot into Debug Mode.

Dee_914041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

hacked ?
you cant update with jailbreak

these files were stollen not on purpose from a dude who stole them illegally
thats not hacking ...

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8thnightvolley4041d ago

all hell has broken loose.. now the spoils of war..
i hope sony can find the ass that leaked it..

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UnwanteDreamz4041d ago

"The PS3 fanboys are in denial and in damage control."

As far as I can tell they are using logic but failing because people like you are ignorant of a couple of things.

1. The definition of hack.
2. What PSJailbreak actually does to allow you to play back ups.

One of you smart guys jumping up and down crying about damage control needs to answer 1 and 2. Then I'll come and show you what you are missing if you still dont get it.

Dee_914041d ago

thank you UnwanteDreamz
leaking info dont = hacked

i know some dudes that can hack
and this isnt hacking

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qface644042d ago

a rat? don't you mean a mole?

Shadow Flare4042d ago

Whatever it is, he managed to weasel his way past Sony security

DevilsJoker4041d ago

Definitions aside, anyone Squeaking through the architecture of the PS3 to take advantage of it is quite a tail.

Kurt Russell4041d ago

So is it a rat, mole, weasel or tail? You guys have confused me :/

Chris3994042d ago

A hack-site was in possession of these documents and SDK files already and was unable to make use of them thus far.

There is a difference between an SDK and the actual coding that runs the PS3 - that information is not as available.

Until we are aware of exactly what was leaked, getting worked up into a fanboy froth doesn't really help anyone. Sorta like the PS3 jailbreak that is blocked right out of the gate.

And the point still stands that aside from GeoHot's unfruitful developments, no major strides have been made toward hacking the PS3 without corporate espionage. 4 years and no one has cracked the OS, made a custom firmware or flashed the blu-ray drive.

I've never seen so much attention paid to modding in my life. Any of the reputable sites (there's a questionable turn of phrase, I know) have run one or two articles on the topic and just left it till further developments arrive.

Yes, it will probably get hacked, someday. But the panty-wetting excitement exhibited by some of the MS elite on this site is embarrassing. Just as embarrassing as any other type of fanboy, really.

No FanS Land4041d ago

Geo hot was only able to hack in the PS3 through linux and even there, he only managed to take over the hypervisor that restricted linux usage. He couldn't figured out the cell.

If you read about the PS3 cell architecture, it says that the 7th SPU (that controls the XMB and presumably other I/O functins) is locked away from developpers. Now I guess that if someone manages to fully hack the PS3, one would have to obtain access to the 7th core via some debug mode.

From what I understand, this would mean that only top sony employees know the actual way of opening the 7th SPU. Get access to the cell, then you get access to pretty much everything.

Only from this point would it be possible to flash custom firware.

anyway, sony is being stolen lots of material.

Akagi4042d ago

"Damn near everything is out" - LOL?

bustamove4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

What do you gain by trolling? I don't get it.

Anyways, on topic...Sony is going to get some lawsuits going and people are getting banned. That's not good at all. And Chris is right. I don't see the excitement among 360 fanboys about this, It cracks me up because they're running out of straws.

AssassinHD4042d ago

Trolling internet forums is a way for him to validate his life, presumably because he has nothing else going for him.

TotalPS3Fanboy4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

What do you gain by trolling?"

He gains self-respect
and the respect of console gamers.

Also the imaginary respect of PC developers and manufacturers.

Neko_Mega4041d ago

They gain nothing from trolling but they do get to kill time until something good comes to their systems that isn't for kids.

Darkfocus4041d ago

trolling is fun I like seeing peoples responses, not that I typically troll but I'm pretty sure that's why people do it.

Jazz41084041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

What sucks is my fat ps3 yellow lit in a little over a month and cost me 150.00. My 360 at least lasted 4 years and guess what ms still fixed it for free. So don't be so quick to judge ms as they are standing behing there hardware unlike millions of ps3s that's just screwed. Btw....for those who think sony covers ylod under the 90 day gurantee, I found out the hard way as they don't.

Kurt Russell4041d ago

As an xbox fanboy... I couldn't give a toss about the PS3 being hacked in all honesty. It makes no difference to me... I could have my xbox hacked, but I don't and choose to buy my games. All this means is I could have my PS3 hacked, but I won't... and will continue to buy my games.

So get off your high horse screaming about the Xbox fanboys... There are a lot more PS3 fans worrying about this than xbox... God knows why any of you really care - it's just plain fucking sad and ridiculous for this to have any impact on your lives.

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Noble Spartan4042d ago

Come to the darkside...unleash the true power..

DigitalAnalog4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Like how stealing a safe using the real combination is considered some form of "breaking in".


Ignore him/conloles and other PC elitist because I'm considered the "Minority Report" to their stronghold. Ask them personally about my PC specs and the spinning could easily cool-off the latest 480 SLI.

-End statement

XactGamer4041d ago

This is a serious nightmare for Sony right now. They should send someone over to MS and Nintendo, maybe they can help to ease that pirate pain.

Good job Sony for catching the guy but the damage is done, the system is open.

Scotland-The-Brave4041d ago

"catching the guy" when did sony catch the guy responsible? Have i missed some news?

XactGamer4041d ago

was supposed to be catching up

socomnick4041d ago

might have to upgrade my hd, don't think the 80 gig is enough.

Ill only download exclusives though they usually arent worth my money.

RussDeBuss4041d ago

i think you got tht twisted? exclusives not worth the money?

Heavy Rain
---future exclusives -GT5, Last Gaurdian, KZ3,

probably missed out loads, if you don't think any of them games are good then you are as weird as your avatar

cyborg69714041d ago

Way are you even here? You don't have a ps your just a hack of a troll. Who really needs some new material. Stfu. After years on this site I can safely say your the biggest dink on here. Ot I can't believe some dbag at Sony would do something like this. The Japanese are loyal and proud I think this is bs.

RussDeBuss4041d ago

bad for sony - yes

ps3 hacked, not really, it's like stealing someones keys, opening their front door and saying you picked the lock

4041d ago
LordGamer4041d ago

Time to put the ps3 away I think.

Scotland-The-Brave4041d ago

lol why? because someone stole a usb from sony. How will this affect you?

ChronoJoe4041d ago

It's not a disaster because the SDKs and basic development tools have been leaked for years. You have been able to download all this stuff illegally, for quite a while - on illegal newsgroups and similar private file sharing systems.

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xAlmostPro4042d ago

nobody was claiming it COULDN'T be done, more so just boasting about how long its actually been taking.. and c'mon 4 years is pretty damn good(and only now happening due to stolen sony devices and documents, not to actual intelligent hackers lol) so its only right for fanboys to mention how long its taken and even want the FACTS when somebody says it has been..

i say congrats to sony actually, 4 years.. and as i write this comment it still hasnt been fully hacked and in my opinion wont be for another year or maybe 2.. because even now like i stated above they are using a sony device for the jailbreak and now these documents.. they're using sony created things, meaning sony already know about what they have EXACTLY and what can be done with it.. they're one step ahead of these hackers already lol

Muletroid4042d ago

"nobody was claiming it COULDN'T be done"

no actually allot of people were claiming that especially ALLOT of people on N4G all you have to do is look up past stories regarding ps3 and hacking

just look at the comments you actually see allot of those

EYEamNUMBER14042d ago

yeah its actually true ALLOT of people would say that

xAlmostPro4041d ago

well from each one ive seen.. ive only read "it hasn't been done" or "i dont belive this"..

so yeah, also im not gonna go hunting through previous articles and such.. so if it matters that much to you and your so certain you find me the article :)..

also i love how N4G works with people like you, ignore the whole comment because you dont like one sentence lmao, fair play

mcgrawgamer4042d ago

actually more than a fair share of the ps3 community was saying it couldn't be done. as a ps3 owner I say hats off to Sony for going this long without incident, but just like the ps2 it was bound to happen. This time around it's getting a lot more attention simply because of the rabid behavior of the sony faithful to defend their champion and the determination by the hacker community to defeat it's quote on quote nemesis...

4041d ago
zak94ma4042d ago

Rubbish Sony know that from the start they the ones who want the PS3 hacked , because they saw the growth of MS how she beats PS3 despite being hacked that why Sony wants more of the cake by doing this .
if this was actually true sony will sell more consoles more it did in the past years

Muletroid4042d ago

you seriously can't believe that can you.....

Ultra_Gizmo_644041d ago

Cocaines a hell of a drug...

sukru4042d ago

This (unfortunately) reminded me the end of first new Batman movie, where the commissioner warned Batman about elevating the level of criminals.

Sony had a very very tough defense for PS3, which held for 4 years with no issues. However at the same time, hackers became much dirtier, stealing hardware schematics and code from Sony.

It will not end well - some people will be heavily fined, and/or jailed.

jerethdagryphon4041d ago

it will also force a ful hardware revision from sony,

changine everything they can

zak94ma4042d ago

one more thing , ever hacker know how the hell the PS3 system is hard to hack sony help them
every thing will be clear in the coming days