Killing the Yakuza series could be the best thing for it

Play-mag: "A new advert for Yakuza sees the destruction of one of the game’s most famous areas. We think this could be the best step the series has taken in years."

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gravemaker5023d ago

i would love another 5 games in this series. They fking rocks. Yakuza 3 is almost as good as unch2

ThanatosDMC5023d ago (Edited 5023d ago )

I would agree... love Yakuza 3. But I want it to have a more open world feel. Yakuza will probably need to star another kick ass character But Kazuma is going to be hard to top and it'll piss off a lot of people when he's not around.

Game-ur5023d ago

I like it like a TV series, with every season having a complete arc like 24.

And there was very different game set in feudal Japan, but it wasn’t localized, I wish we could do fan campaign to get it to NA.

Redempteur5023d ago

there are several good candidates for kickassing ..majima being one of them

ABizzel15022d ago

This is an under appreciated series. These games are great, and I for one like them.

Simon_Brezhnev5023d ago

Actually Yakuza 3 is the worst in the series storywise. Yakuza 1 and 2 is way better im not sure about 4 yet.

blind-reaper5023d ago

then I want a "collection" of yakuza 1 and 2 for PS3, Y3 was my first and I loved it!

KiasuKiasiMan5023d ago

Honestly, I think not. The series has always been great, do we really need more from it I don't really think so. I mean Yakuza is currently one of Sega's biggest franchises, and to kill it in its prime would be stupid.

Roonie5023d ago

Why? this is practically one of SEGA's great selling titles along with Valkyria 1.

VC sold 930k
Yakuza sold 820k


Cloudberry5023d ago (Edited 5023d ago )

Yakuza 3 English version sold more / less than 200.000?

Well, I think that's great, considering the awful same release date with Final Fantasy XIII & before God Of War III + the crazy contents cut...


Valkyria Chronicles & Yakuza 3 worldwide sales are more / less than 900.000 & 800.000 respectively.

Awesome SEGA.

I just hope Yakuza 4 wont go head-to-head with Killzone 3 / Gears Of War 3 or something......... : l

thief5023d ago

Didnt you hear, the only games worth making are generic 10-million selling shooters like Halo or CoD. Demon’s Souls, infamous, MAG, Lost Odyssey – all games that failed to hit 2 million and should have never been made.

chidori soukou5023d ago

stupid article.. yakuza is very popular game in japan and japanese suport this game.

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