Cross Game Chat Podcast - Episode 1

PlayStation LifeStyle writes "Episode one of Cross Game Chat the official PlayStation Lifestyle podcast is now live."

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T3mpr1x4042d ago

@ the title, hilarious.

Lifewish4042d ago


NJShadow4042d ago

Crap, this makes me relaize that if Sony would get their act together and bring RSS feeds to the PS3, we could have cross game chat on the PS3, at least in podcast form. =)

ps3gamerkyle4042d ago

Haha, unfortunately no. But this news is just as good. Haha =).

supremacy4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

a popcast called cross game chat. Well lets hope it doesn't get flooded with neglected fanboys ready to fire with lame excuses why its not needed.

I for one welcome any feature that will alter, enhance and improve my gaming experience with buddies.

But this podcast isn't exactly about cross game chat rather its the name of the podcast. meh..

NJShadow4042d ago

He he, catchy title. =)

Jrome4042d ago

I saw the title and thought "hiphopgamer has a podcast now?" jk

NJShadow4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Hiphopgamer: "Yo dawg, I put some cross game chat in your cross game chat so you can chat while you chat!" In all honesty though, I would expect cross game chat to appear in a HHG headline... only to find out that it was another lie, lol.

decimalator4042d ago

Hey fool, you better recognize.

Sarcasm4042d ago

No, HHG's podcast name would be "Microsoft to make Halo 4 a PS3 exclusive and Naughty Dog makes Uncharted 3 exclusive to the Wii and Sony makes exclusive N-Gage game, Episode 1."

NJShadow4042d ago

That literally just caused a smile to shoot across my face! +bubbles for hilarity, and the fact that your N4G name matches your comment. Hilarious!

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The story is too old to be commented.