Sony Blog Responds to "PS3 Can't Handle AI As Well As 360"

A poster on the Official PlayStation Blog by the screen name of "Free" had this to say on recent article posted on the Blog.

Would you guys mind commenting on the recent statements by a Ubisoft Developer claiming that "the PS3 can't handle AI nearly as well as the 360?

It seems more of the same type of stuff addressed in your "Is the PS3 Really Harder to Develop For?" blog… But it would be nice to get an official response to the attack on the PS3's capabilities.

It is nice to have something these articles about this can print to balance out the reporting.

"PS3 can more than handle AI, as you will see with Heavenly Sword, which has hundreds of on-screen enemies with different AI routines at one time thanks to the power of CELL." - responded Dave Karraker Sr. Director of Corporate Communications.

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aaquib24142d ago

Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance, Warhawk and many more are games with exceptional AI on PS3, yet some idiotic developers who are creating a game EXCLUSIVE for 360 are saying it sucks. Its probably all part of their marketing to hype up the game, I mean...Who the hell cares about Naruto?

Maddens Raiders4142d ago

might be saying this and I will reveal it shortly. As far as inferior AI, I don't believe it as I've played both versions of R6V, the Darkness, COD3, and a little game called Resistance Fall of Man and the AI in these games is spectacular.

So for Ubi to come out and say this (thusly shytting on their own products on the system - allegedly) we must keep things in context concluding, there must be a good reason for it...or were they eluding to lead time? Hmmm...

nasim4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

XENON is one of the weakest processors.
Capcom uses its algorithms to make Xenon match the high end processor of intel back in later 2003 ---EMT 64.

XENON is around 1/20 as powerful as the CELL.

common EA dont make a fool of yourself . We already had enough laughing.

SC CONVICTION look like a wii game. a ps2 can also handle it .

ps3 is around 10x as powerful as the x360.

what a shame that DEVS take bribes to talk trash

a CELL processor is around 20x more powerful than XENON and 8 x more powerful than a QUAD CORE PROCESSOR ******CELL 8x more powerful than a QUAD CORE

cookiemonster4142d ago

Dude wtf are you talking about HS has crappy AI. MGS4 has linear AI (in MGS4 style). Resistance had okay AI. Killzone2 we haven't seen enough to understand how the AI works. And Warhawk is a damn multiplayer game. I haven't seen much nextgen AI from the system yet.

So what exactly are you basing this on?

Xeoset4142d ago

Wow, first three posts are straight from three of the biggest Sony Fanboys on this site. GG, keep it up with the retarded, biased, sullshiat comments, they give me my daily dose of laughter.

KeMoBLUE4142d ago

@ cookie monster...LMAO "heavenly sword has crappy AI" that was one of the DUMBEST posts iv'e read on this website. man im still laughing man you're a fanboy seriously.

@'re the only fan boy i see. what the first three stated were true maybe if you took some time to actually read what they said you'd understand but you're probably too dense for that anyway.

Xeoset4142d ago


LMAO! You actually believe what Nasim has written?!

LLMMAAOO!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

eXplotion4142d ago

resistance has the best AI ive seen to date in a FPS i mean have you played the game in SuperHuman... seriously FTW

now as a ps3 owner I ADMIT that HS does not appear to have good AI (basing my opinion in the demo and videos)

I mean in the Demo the bad guys would just stand there sometimes and in the video where narikos sister is shootin arrows the bad guys freakin BREAKDANCE when the arrow hits them...

I hope this get fixed and HS turns out to have better AI in harder difficulty...

Nemesis4142d ago

Lets test your knowledge of CPU architecture a little.

Answer these very basic questions in your own words. Be honest with yourself and don't use google. These questions require only a basic knowledge of computing principles, knowledge that most people will learn during the first few weeks of a computer science course.

1. Explain in basic terms what a register is and name the registers of a basic X86 or IA64 processor.

2. What is SIMD and under what circumstances would it be used in preference to standard integer execution unit instructions?

3. How do the SIMD units in modern processors differ in terms of register usage from their older PC based MMX and 3DNow counterparts?

4. Explain the concept of data alignment and the implication it has on performance, both in general purpose integer processing and SIMD.

5. How many SIMD units do the Cell and Xenon CPU's have and what are they called?

6. What is 'pipeline stall' and under what conditions do they occur?

7. What does the term 'instruction packing' mean when used in the context of code optimization?

8. Name the basic thread synchronization objects used for multi-threaded development on all CPU's.

9. Explain what an IRQ is and the difference between software and hardware (NMI) interrupts.

10. What is the difference between a managed and an unmanaged programming language?

If you don't know the answers to these very basic questions you know nothing about CPU architecture and should STFU.

BLACKJACK VII4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )


Face it, the Xbox 360's superior architecture is easier to program for, it *consistantly* has smoother gameplay & framerates, better AI, better graphics, better textures, more memory, a much faster drive, & most importantly: superior software & more of it,... all at a better price!

Your spec sheet doesn't make great games ! BLAME SONY !!!

Not to mention, Rumble, Achievements, online multiplayer chat, Marketplace content, tons of Free Demos, and of course, XBL. It's a great time to get a 360 with Bioshock, Mass Effect, & your personal favorite, Halo 3 coming out - all before Xmas !

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bym051d4142d ago

I don't buy the line from UbiSoft, but at the same time, a rebuttal from Sony PR isn't exactly a technical defense.

Vip3r4142d ago

This seems just too fanboyish. Im sure the PS3 can handle the Ai just that Ubisoft are either too lazy or are being payed to say that.

codeazrael4142d ago

Well, it seems as if all of these game studios worked so hard in the last generation that they have become lazy this generation by alot of Sony Fonys. If I call B.S. on anything, it would be that. What you guys have to realize is that these guys have managers, and these guy's job is to make sure their company makes money. So if a better game on either platform will make more money for the studio, then why would upper management let these guys produce crap if the hardware they were working on allowed them to provide anything greater?

Ri0tSquad4142d ago

Heavenly Sword does HDR Rendering + 4xAA!

Retro-Virus4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

First of all, the initial claim was made by the Producer of the game, so that doesn't count.

This response is from the "Director of Corporate Communications" and that's even worse.

I wonder when empty-vessels like these would stop talking about something that they don't have a clue about.

nobizlikesnowbiz4142d ago

Why would anyone believe what these corporate stiffs say?

They're all trying to line their pockets with our cash.

Make your own decisions.